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Medical tourism, international. Our medical tourism company offers advice for medical travel services for dental tourism , dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, spa treatments in spa resorts and other medical treatments and surgeries in best hospitals, clinics and health centers in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium ; Asia: India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates;Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Egypt, North & South  America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic; Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, and other countries worldwide . We provide consultancy for medical tourism options in popular and appreciated medical, dental and spa tourism destinations  for companies. We serve and guide as well individual medical tourists without providing free medical quotes. We offer information, advice and ” done – for – you “,  professional  customized services, helping you to create medical tourism plans or programs.

As long as medical tourism or health tourism helps medical travelers or companies to take advantage of medical services in another country, planning a medical tourism trip is similar to planning a vacation that includes medical services using a medical tourism company. The medical tourism services offered by a medical tourism  facilitator can be minimal or extensive, depending on what type of medical tourism offers or medical tourism packages a medical tourist or a company wants to buy, but generally the medical tourism broker acts as a liaison between the medical tourist or company and the foreign medical care provider. Most of the medical tourism countries we have on our offers : Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide ,  are attractive to those seeking high quality and affordable medical tourism options for treatment abroad, in top medical , dental  or spa tourism destinations.

Because in Romania medical tourism has developed quite nicely , having top medical clinics, it offers medical and tourism options and worldwide best doctors, especially for dental, plastic surgery and medical spa. Medical tourism prices in Romania for dental tourism, cosmetic surgery and spa treatments are very affordable and the quality of medical services is really high. You’ll save a great amount of money while you’ll visit a wonderful sightseeing country and you’ll resolve your dental problems or you’ll  have a cosmetic surgery or spa treatment in the best medical centers. For medical tourism in India there are state-of-the-art hospitals and best qualified doctors. With  best infrastructure, the best possible medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive medical tourism  prices, you can get the medical  treatments done in India at the lowest charges. India offers World Class Medical Facilities  comparable with any of the Western countries , reason why it is considered a good option for medical tourism. We can help you to deal with leading healthcare providers and facilitators in India, driven by the vision of saving and enriching lives through clinical excellence. Currently we have specialists for medical tourism services in our medical tourism destinations, exposed on our medical tourism website, with healthcare providers worldwide,  more than 4oo healthcare facilities, over 10,000 beds,  diagnostic centers and team strength of more than 18,000 medical staff and we help patients and companies receive high-quality medical procedures  at prices far below than the comparable global rates. Our medical tourism consultancy company offers our clients VIP clients medical tourism expertise for services and programs  while they are traveling abroad and we strive with delivering the highest levels of customer service , operating on the strictest standards of professional ethics. With its top quality and affordable medical, dental, plastic surgery, spa , wellness , thermal spa facilities and 5* hotel accommodation in all major cities , medical tourism in Turkey already  attracts patients from Europe and other countries and it is considered one of the best medical tourism destination for dental, plastic surgery, eye surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement or spa and medical spa treatments. If you’re seeking convenient medical tourism offers and packages in a country with a highly respected reputation as a leader of the medical tourism destination in Europe,  medical tourism in Turkey can be the best choice for you.

INTERMEDLINE, as medical travel consultancy company, has in its network the best experts with clinics and hospitals for dental, plastic surgery, other medical treatments or surgeries and spa health care centers in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide,  in order to provide you an excellent guide for medical services, affordable health care services abroad and attractive medical tourism offers and packages.

All facilities in our medical tourism destinations were checked by our partners and we chose the only ones who fulfill all high standards. The physician collaborators are best doctors both nationally and internationally, they have all required background for you to benefit from exceptional medical services.

We offer you counsel for the best medical clinics, hospitals and the best doctors abroad at affordable prices in top medical tourism destinations overseas, from which you can choose rapidly  and confidently medical tourism offers , medical tourism packages and medical tourism programs corresponding from all points of view to your requirements. We are also preoccupied to guide you and provide you a quality, beautiful and cheap medical vacation and for this our partners have selected best hotels and travel tours for your stays, days, breaks or weekends abroad during your medical tourism experience overseas or spa holidays. The main goal for us is to reach your highest expectation regarding your medical travel vacations or medical tourism process in medical tourism destinations exposed on our website and to hear that you regained your smile  and happiness !

Our medical tourism consultancy company facilitates medical tourism services with options for plans and programs  for companies, and we also help individuals  to get access to customized offers and packages  with convenient prices .

Medical tourism or health tourism is the sum of all the relationships resulting from a journey taken by customers whose primary motive is to treat or cure a medical condition by taking advantage of medical services away from their usual place of residence, while typically combining this journey with a vacation or touristic elements. Medical tourists choose to travel to a foreign country to get medical treatment for a variety of reasons and the medical tourism destination they choose also depends on a numbers of factors, such as medical tourism destination specific characteristics , political environment, climate, regulatory policies. Medical tourism companies operate as intermediaries between international customers and hospital networks , helping them to select a medical tourism destination, facility and provider , thus further facilitating the growth of medical tourism and the customer satisfaction. Medical tourism companies assist the customers by transmitting medical records and arranging all the travel details and we have in our network top specialists in this field. Because of this medical tourism agencies constitute one of the best channels with distribution for medical tourism market and we offer you advice according to your needs. Generally, medical travelers choose medical tourism for four main reasons: availability of treatment, quality of health care, reduced waiting times and cost savings. In all our medical tourism destinations exposed on our medical tourism website, respective medical tourism in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide, we have medical tourism partners with facilities that fully meet these requirements.

Medical tourism outsourcing is also boosting the medical tourism industry , as an increasing number of companies , governments and insurers consider it to lower health care costs and maximize benefits. Companies may consider outsourcing certain medical procedures for their employees because performing medical procedures abroad has advantages in term of cost, access and quality.

As a medical tourism advisor provider we help companies and individual travelers to take advantage of quality medical tourism options at the lowest cost possible in advantageous medical tourism destinations. We know that consumer seeks satisfaction of needs and these needs are very diverse. We’ll  always strive to provide counsel for best medical tourism options and packages tailored to your needs in order for you to be satisfied with quality medical tourism deals, offering and brokerage arrangements for medical tourism services and providing information for prospective customers about available medical tourism services and choices. Customer satisfaction will be always  the most  important dimension  in our medical tourism preparations.

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