What is Botox? Does Botox injections work immediately?

What is Botox? Does Botox injections work immediately?

Botox injections

Botox injections – cosmetic surgery.

What is Botox. How does Botox work?

Botox, also called botulinum toxin type A is a very purified toxin ( made  from bacteria that caused botulism) . Botox injections help by slowing / blocking muscles that normally contract many times a day. Because it has effect only on expression lines that are controlled by muscles,  it is not considered a permanent wrinkle remover. Normally, it can erase / reduce lines – especially forehead lines and crown’s feet lines. Before receiving Botox injections you should check you are not allergic to botulinum toxin and that you don’t have an infection in the area where Botox will be injected.

How long does it take for Botox to work?

The effects of Botox are temporary and within 3-5 months after an injection you will need to repeat the treatment.

Botox procedure takes around 15 minutes – 1 hour , anaesthetic is not generally required , some surgeons will apply a special cream on the area or just will put ice before and after procedure.

After receiving Botox injections, it will take  2 – 3 days till begin to working. The effect of Botox will be visible in the next 7 days and you may notice the improvement in around 2 – 6 weeks  after treatment.

Normally, Botox treatment is done 2 – 3 times per year.

What are Botox side effects:

  •      Unusual muscle weakness;
  •      Breathing , talking , swallowing troubles;
  •      Eyelid swelling;
  •      Vision troubles ( double vision);
  •      Irregular heart beats , chest pain;
  •      Increased sweating in other areas than underarms;
  •      Cold symptoms : cough, sneezing , headaches

 What are Botox advantages:

  •       It is a less expensive non surgical  cosmetic treatment;
  •       It is an effective temporary anti – aging treatment;
  •       It can be used in Hyperhidrosis treatment ( to treat excessive sweating of the palms, underarms, feet). Botox will reduce excessive sweating symptoms for around 6 months after treatment;
  •        It can be used also for neck;

What  about Botox alternative?

               Some fillers last longer than botox and they also reduce deep wrinkles and crows feet. See about injectable fillers here.

                Other choices instead Botox : Dysport, Xeomin,  Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( or AHAs) chemical peels. They reduce the look of wrinkles by removing old skin cells to reveal a youthful looking skin, anti-aging skincare cosmeceuticals, DNS Nanotechnology and stem cell technology.

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