About Hemorrhoids, what treatment there is ?

About Hemorrhoids, what treatment there is ?



What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are blood-filled bumps due to dilatation of varicose veins. Originally, hemorrhoids are located inside the body, in the anus (internal hemorrhoids), but sometimes they extend outward (external hemorrhoids). Constipation and prolonged effort to empty the bowel movement is known as contributor to the formation of hemorrhoids under  pressure on the blood vessels.


Symptoms of hemorrhoids :

Hemorrhoids may be present for many years, but remain undiscovered until symptoms occur. They can cause anal bleeding, itching and also pain and discomfort. Normally the bleeding is limited to a few spots of fresh blood on toilet tissue, but severe bleeding after bowel movement may be present. A bump can also be felt in the anus and some larger hemorrhoids can give the feeling that the bowel was not completely emptied.


Hemorrhoids diagnosis:

If you have hemorrhoids, the doctor will use other investigations to see if there is another more serious cause for bleeding. The doctor will investigate and inspect the mucous membrane of the rectum and the last part of the large intestine using a tube for examination called a proctoscope or sigmoidoscope.


Hemorrhoids  treatment:

In case of hemorrhoids, doctors recommend a treatment depending on their degree. In the early stages, treatment is nonsurgical. For this , they’ll   eliminate hemorrhoids causes such as constipation, lack of fiber in the diet, improper diet, insufficient intake of water, sedentary lifestyle and stress. To reduce the risk of hemorrhoids it is recommended a rigorous local hygiene, which involves  not remaining traces of feces on the mucous, which can maintain inflammation and irritation. For hemorrhoids in advanced stages it is required surgery ( elastic ligation, diathermocoagulation, infrared or laser photocoagulation, arterial ligation). The surgery performed in case of hemorrhoids has a fairly high risk of relapse and may reach, depending on the method, up to 50%.

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