Alternative medicine. Naturopahty what is it ?

Alternative medicine. Naturopahty what is it ?



History of naturopathy:

The term “naturopathy” comes from Greek and Latin and translates literally “natural disease”. The term was proposed in 1895 by John Scheel and popularized by Benedict Lust.


Naturopathy,  what is it:

Naturopathy is a system of therapies and treatments that rely exclusively on natural remedies, such as sunlight, water, air, complemented by a natural diet. Some naturopaths prescribe treatments such as colon detoxification or hydrotherapy for diseases such as asthma or arthritis. Naturopathy “regards man as a whole , at physical  and psycho-emotional level.  It puts before everything all the vital force of the individual, because the body can rebalance itself. Naturopathy claims to be a holistic system, which means  it  believes that our body is associated with a supernatural soul and a non-physical mind, and all these three should be treated as a unit. Naturopathy treatments use various natural herbs or other remedies to improve our immune system. It is sometimes practiced in combination with other forms of alternative medicine.


How does naturopathy work:

A naturopathy consultation typically begins with an interview about medical history, lifestyle, eating habits and stress levels at work. In addition, naturopathic doctor will try to discover the underlying causes of disease or illness before intervening. Before prescribing a treatment, a naturopath will investigate the origin of pain: a disease of the muscle or bone, nutritional problems (low levels of carbohydrates, for example), lack of sleep, excessive stress, etc. A  naturopathic doctor do not recommend vaccines and antibiotics, but suggests alternative remedies even in cases where allopathic medicine works well.


Risks of naturopathy:

Naturopathy lacks both in the scientific basis and scientific methodology. Usually the members of the medical community are critical and they  reject naturopathy.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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