Spa in Romania

Spa in Romania

Spa hotel in Romania

Spa hotel in Romania


Spa holidays in Romania in best spa hotel, Ana Hotels Sport,  with fair spa treatments packages prices. Our information for your valuable choice regarding  your spa treatments and days, breaks or weekends in Romania.

Check in: 14:00 , Check -out: 12:00

The Spa Hotel 4* in Romania is located at renowned resort of Poiana Brasov , in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. It is ideal for a winter or summer break in the mountains. Located at a short distance from attractions such as Castle Bran , the home of Count Dracula , your stay at Hotel * will be one to remember.

The Hotel and SPA  in Romania offers comfortable accommodation . The Spa Hotel in Romania rooms have a balcony for guests to enjoy views of the surrounding forest and mountains. The Hotel and SPA in Romania suites have large bedroom with a double bed and a spacious living room with a sofa – bed . The Hotel and SPA in Romania offers the perfect destination for  family spa holidays with spacious one bedroom suites.

The Hotel and SPA in Romania offers modern facilities : cable TV , mini-bar , room-service , WLAN Internet access in the public areas and LAN in all rooms , international telephone , bathroom with bathtub or shower , hair dryer.

In addition to the state of the art SPA in Romania center with indoor and outdoor swimming pools , the modern conference facilities for up to 300 delegates make Hotel&SPA the perfect  event venue in Romania.

Here it is spoken fluent English and German.

Other ways that you can enjoy recreation here:

– Mountaineering  – Assisted by a mountain guide / sportive instructor  :  You can discover the great benefits offer by nature and the fresh mountain air from Pastavarul Mountain . The routes are with different levels of difficulty , for beginners and also good mountaineering.

– Team Building – The results of the group activities are very well known regarding the forming and closeness of the collectives and developing the action inside the team – the motto being “All for one and one for All”. Due to the fact that all these activities take place in open air , besides the intense emotions that will free you from the daily stress , the exercising and the fresh mountain air are real advantages.

A brief enumeration of some of the exercises in the team building programmes:

– The  Tyrolean crossing between 30 – 50 meters , at heights of 5- 40 m , depending on the location and requirements.

– Crossing on mobile cords ( parallel in vertical plan ) between 10-40 m , at height of 3-40 meters depending on location and requirements.

– Crossing on mobile cords ( parallel in horizontal plan ) between 10-40m , at heights of 3-40 meters depending on location and requirements.

– Crossing an abrupt valley by swinging on a cord hanged in the middle of the valley.

– Applied routes of 1-5 km , with different degrees of difficulties .

– Individual rappels

– Crossing a demarcated route by the whole team.



THALI’ SVELT SILHOUETTE WRAP 75 min – 275 lei – 61 Eur

The treatment using Thal’ion products with seaweed extracts, burns fat and eliminates toxins, giving a new shape to the body by losing inches and invigorates it.

ANTI AGING ODYSSEY –  60 min  -245 lei –  55 Eur

The skin’s rejuvenation and revival that this treatment delivers is due to the active ingredients found in seaweed and luxury organic products. This treatment has antioxidant and detoxifying effects that refine the skin into a fabulously firm and radiant texture.

GOLD CEREMONY –  60 min – 245 lei – 55 Eur 

This revitalizing and purifying body treatment entails a body peeling using precious metals, a cellularome and lipoliarome anti-cellulite massage, a gold and Ylang-Ylang body mask, and a finishing touch of a special blend of essential oils and hydrating moisturisers.

DIAMOND  CEREMONY75 min 299 lei – 67 Eur

The treatment fights cellulite and firms the skin and uses products that contain micro capsules of diamond powder, hydrolysed pure silk, amino-acids, co-enzyme A and caffeine. This combination has a triple action: local slimming, firmness and reduction of orange peel look, leaving the skin soft and silky through excellent hydration.

CHOCOLATE DELIGHT90 min – 299 lei -67 Eur

The fat burning effect  through the elimination  of excess of water and fat is

complemented by overall hydration of the body  and the light euphoria given by chocolate.


All treatments include: peeling, wrap or body mask and treatment serums and  creams applied through massage.


STRESS RELIEF MASSAGE  25 min  – 75 lei – 17 Eur

Back and back of the legs relaxing massage which restores the natural balance, improving  circulation.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  – 25 min -95 lei – 21 Eur

Deep massage on the back of the body, excellent for muscle tension.

BACK PAIN THERAPY   25 min  – 75 lei –  21 Eur

The massage techniques employed eliminate joint tension and back pain caused by the lack of physical exercise or by certain spine issues. A set of physical exercises in the massage room, followed by a back  massage.

HEAD & NECK MASSAGE 20 min – 65 lei – 15 Eur

This type of massage is especially used to relieve pain accrued in the head and neck area. The effect is refreshing and relaxing.

REFLEXOLOGY (REFLEXOTERAPIE)  25 min – 65lei – 15 Eur

Reflexology works on feet pressure points, stimulating the corresponding internal organs.

MASAJ SHIRO DARA – 20 min 70 lei – 16 Eur

Inspired from the Ayurvedic medicine, this massage clears the mind and improves the accuracy of the senses. The technique consists in drizzling warm oil over the forehead and includes a head, neck and shoulder massage.


SPECIAL MEN  – 60 min 320 lei  -71 Eur

Ideal for male skin this deep-cleansing revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment reduces expression lines, making the skin look brighter. Vyon developed SPECIAL product line to treat skin problems, focusing on the needs of men living an active life.

ENERGY BOOST – 60 minute –  245 lei – 55 Eur

The revitalizing and rejuvenating effects of ginger strengthens the male body,providing it with energy and resilience for sustained effort. Includes a body peeling, a ginger steam wrap and a massage with ginger oil.


SPA SUITE –  FORGET ME NOT – 120 minute – 480 lei – 107 Eur

The ritual starts with a full body massage ( 50 minutes)  each  followed by a shared plant bath with chromo- and hydrotherapy (20 min) and private time on the sofa enjoying a glass of champagne and a fruit platter.

HOT  STONE  HEAVEN – 75 min 500 lei – 111 Eur

Share the power of relaxation of the hot stones and the masterliness of our therapist with your half.

DUO AROMA RELAX 50 min – 300 lei – 67 Eur

The power of aromatherapy combined with relaxation massage shared with your beloved one.

DUO DEEP TISSUE 50min – 380 lei – 85 Eur 

Treats the muscle tension and contractions of both partners.

DUO MIX50min – 340 lei – 76 Eur


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE – 50 min – 40 Eur

Ideal for muscle tension and cotractions. This massage involves use of slow and deep massage techniques by utilizing forearms, knuckels and elbows. The results are eased muscles and relaxed body.

BALINESE BAMBOO MASSAGE  – 75 min 259 lei – 58 Eur

This technique combines deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, flexions,extensions of  the joints and pressure with bamboo sticks. The effect of a bamboo massage session is vitality and positive energy.

ANTI- CELLULITE MASSAGE– 25 min – 95 Lei -21 Eur

Fights against cellulite and dethrone those unwanted dimples on thighs, legs, abs and buttocks. Massaging affected areas with slimming lotions improving skin’s suppleness and  elasticity, increasing subcutaneous tissue’s flexibility, while improving circulation.


HOT STONE MASSAGE 75 minute  240 lei /  54 Eur

Hands on massage is combined with harnessing properties of warm stone, we place them on key energy points on the body to harmonize the spirit.  The stones give up their power and warmth to tired muscles promoting high level of relaxation.

INTUITIVE MASSAGE  – 25 min 95 lei – 21 Eur, 50min – 40 Eur , 75min- 259 lei -58 Eur , 90min – 315lei  -70 Eur

Is a freestyle treatment which gives the therapist the freedom to combine various massage techniques based on the  the personal needs of the guest. The result is healing tailor-made therapy .

LAVA SHELLS MASSAGE50 min 160 lei -36 Eur

This unique stress relieving experience uses organic self-heating, lava-filled shells that silkily stream alongside the body, melting the muscle, reducing anxiety, and engulfing the body in calming warmth.

AROMA RELAX50 min – 31 Eur

The warm oils massage provides full relaxation of the entire body while  refreshing the senses through aromatherapy, resulting in ultimate relaxation.


DIAMOD FACIAL60 min -299 lei  – 67 Eur

Deep hydrating therapy offering antioxidant protection contains micro capsules of diamond powder and amino-acids extracted from pure silk.

THALI’ SOURCE – 60 minute –  240lei – 55 Eur

Dry skin goes thru a hidrating and nourisshing process with visible effect. This treatment restores vitality and stamina of : dry, pollution-prone, and weathered skin,  that turns from dry to fortified and hydrated.

ALGO PUR 60 minute  – 240 lei  – 55 Eur

A special treatment custom designed for oily skin with enlarged pores, that  helps to  eliminate impurities and control sebum, giving back the skin it’s original balance.

REDOX – 60 min – 320 lei – 71 Eur

Redox products offer an antioxidant protection, fighting photo-ageing with anti-inflammatory properties, optimising cell renewal.Vyon Redox is an active and efficient care that helps cell renewal by achieving a bright, hydrated and even skin. Active ingredients : stabilised vitamin C,  micro – encapsulated vitamin E , Retinoll, Stem Cell – French grapes.

CELLGUARD60 min – 320 lei -71 Eur

The most effective anti- ageing line of Vyon.

The active ingredients repair the cellular functions by building an active structure and improving the nourishment and hydration levels. CellGuard stimulates the mature skin to increase collagen production, adjusting loss of elasticity and keratine disorders.


All facials include: Deep cleanse, facial scrub, mask, facial massage and moisturiser.

ROOM RATES, in Euro:


 Tariff Sgl

Tariff Dbl


Grid 1

Period: 19.12  – 03.01.




01.01.– 03.01


Grid 2

Period: 04.01. – 28.02.




Weekends (Friday – Saturday): 30.01 – 07.02




Weekends( Friday – Saturday):

09.01 – 24.01

13.02 – 28.02

01.02 – 05.02




Days: Sunday – Thursday from periods:

04.01 – 29.01

08.02 – 26.02

Grid 3

Period: 01.03 – 14.03.




Weekends) Friday – Saturday): 06.03 – 07.03




Days: Sunday – Thursday from periods:

01.03 – 05.03

Weekends ( Friday – Saturday) : 13.03 – 14.03





Days: Sunday – Thursday from periods : 08.03- 12.03

Grid 4

Period: 15.03 – 17.12




Weekends ( Friday – Saturday) :

07.08 – 29.08




Weekends( Friday – Saturday)

20.03 – 04.04

17.04- 23.05

05.06 -01.06

04.09 – 21.11

04.12 – 12.12


10.04 – 12.04

29.05 – 31.05

27.11  – 30.11




Days: Sunday – Thursday from periods:

15.03 – 09.04

13.04 – 28.05

01.06 –  26.11

01.12 – 17.12




1. Rates include accommodation, buffet breakfast, VAT.
2. Hotel tax represents 1% of the first nights accommodation.
3. Access to pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, relaxation room, outdoor hot tub is included in the rates.
4. For children aged 0-4 years, free accommodation in room with parents – without extra bed.
The third person in the room, child / adult, (bed and breakfast )- 15 euros / night.

4. We do not accept pets.


Spa resort in Romania

Spa resort in Romania

Spa resort in Romania

Spa resort in Romania



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