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Spa resorts in Romania

Spa hotel in Romania

Spa hotel in Romania

Spa holidays in  spa hotel  in Romania, Ana Hotels. Advice for medical Spa in Europe (Romania), at affordable medical spa packages prices. Your best choice for your spa days, spa breaks, spa retreats and spa vacations.

SPA HOTEL IN ROMANIA LOCATION: The  spa Hotel in Romania is located in Eforie Nord , the famous Romanian mud-therapy resort situated at 14 km off the Constanta port and 40 minutes away from the International Airport Mihail Kogalniceanu. The  Spa Hotel in Romania towers majestically by the sea shore of the Romanian Black Sea. The Spa Hotel in Romania is an outstanding combination of resort facilities , luxury hotel guest rooms or apartments , an advanced conference center and  Health Center. All the guest enjoy an enchanting view of the sea or of our 30,000 mp landscaped garden whether they are by the outside pool , in the restaurant or in their rooms , all equipped with balconies that open on to the Black Sea. No matter the season, in the sunny and colorful summer or mild winters , but also in the delicate and romantic springs and autumns, the spa Hotel in Romania is opened for you. The Spa Hotel’s facilities are in accordance with the international standards of a four-star hotel.The payment can be made cash , with credit card or by bank transfer. Guaranteed outside and underground parking. Unique sightseeing spots of the Black Sea: the Aquarium in Constanta , the Tomis Fortress , the Ruins of the Roman Mosaic , the Archeology and National History Museum , the Art and Folklore Museum , the Romanian Navy Museum , the Genoese light-house in Constanta , the caves from Gurile Dobrogei, Histria Fortress , Callatis Fortress , Sacidava Fortress , Capidava and Byzantine Fortress from Ostrov.

ACCOMMODATION in Spa hotel in Romania: The 221 guest rooms and suites at Hotel are a blend of luxury , comfort and convenience for all the guests. Spacious and well-planned , all the rooms offer you an incredible view to the seaside , the two surrounding lakes and the landscaped hotel garden. All the features in the rooms are designed for your well-being and comfort. Hence , the 221 rooms are fully equipped in accordance with the four-star standards ( ventilation system , internet connection, minibar , heat and smoke detector , satellite TV , direct international phone lines). The  Spa Hotel offers you 198 doubles , 11 apartments , 10 club rooms , 2 rooms for guests with special needs. * Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available.

CONFERENCES in Spa hotel in Romania: Spa Hotel’s newest Conference Center is an exceptional setting for your life’s most important moments , whether you share with friends or business partners. The Grand Ballroom , with its modern architecture can accommodate up to 600 guests in a variety of configurations. For smaller events or meetings , the Ballroom can be divided into three separate sections and benefits from a pre-function lobby and private bar ideal for cocktail receptions or meeting breakouts.The ballroom is accessible from the outside and also from Hotel lobby. The conference hall can be configured in different styles: -Up to 600 guests – Reception Style -Up to 450 guests – Theatre Style -Up to 250 guests – Banquet Style Guaranteed exterior or underground parking for all of our guests. Private dining at Hotel is an experience to remember. Every dining at Hotel is an experience to remember. Every detail of your wedding , special celebration or business event is extremely important to us. With the winning combination of our haute cuisine, uncompromising service and elegant facilities , the Hotel and staff aim to exceed your expectations. Chart capacity ( number of persons)

Location Reception Theatre Banquet Standing
Ball Room 600 400 250
Bar salon 130
Beach bars 400

Yacht club : 10-2000

RESTAURANTS & BARS in Spa hotel in Romania:

Authenticity and quality , combined with an exquisite service, are the hallmarks of the Hotel’s restaurants and terrace that have been designed to offer our guests comfort and satisfaction. We invite you daily for breakfast , lunch and dinner to taste our superb buffet , where you can enjoy the view of the sea and our garden while relishing the Hotel cuisine.

Are you eager to see how your food is being prepared from the freshest ingredients? Do you and your friends want to join an incredible culinary show? Do you want to become the artist of your food , making up your own menu? Now you have the chance… Every night , our chefs present to you the Hotel special program- LIVE COOKING.

After dinner you can enjoy our exotic cocktails in the Hotel’s bar where you can relax or dance on the sounds of live music.

SPORT&RECREATION in Spa hotel in Romania:

Hotel guests also have free access to the outdoor swimming pool and terrace just perfect for swimming and sun bathing.

The Spa Hotel’s private beach , with dozens of umbrellas and lounge chairs is exceptional and is located just a few minutes away from the Hotel. Here you can sunbathe listening to the continuously changing sound of the sea or you can practice the most varied and crazy water sports like water skiing , wakeboarding , parasailing, banana or ringo.


The first private marina on the Romanian Sea shore is opened in Eforie Nord , close by the center of the resort and by our Hotel’s private beach.

The marina offers a large variety of sea port facilities and can host up to 60 boats simultaneously , including extra season boats custody. International certificates in sailing and scuba diving are offered.

The fitness club , the salty water pool and Jacuzzi , the different types of massages and baths , are belonging to  renamed Health SPA , located just near the Spa Hotel in Romania, are other wonderful opportunities to spend your time in a relaxing and healthy environment.


In any period of the year , the staff of the Health Center – one of the best in Romania – is ready to help you efficiently . The qualified staff from this center  send you an optimistic and persuasive message: “We don’t promise you immortality, but experiencing our treatments you will feel forever young.”

Eforie Nord spa resort is situated in the southern -east extremity of Romania at 14 km away from Constanta port and at 40 km distance from Kogalniceanu International airport. This area benefits of a marine climate, warm summer-average temperature in June is 22 C degrees and mild winter with small falls.

The beaches with gentle sand and the water of the Black Sea , the salted water of Techirghiol Lake and sapropelic mud , sun radiations and marine aerosol enjoy your body and soul.

The Health SPA , situated inside the Hotel, had direct access to the outdoor pool and to the garden of the Hotel.

This spa hotel in Romania center welcomes its guests with a modern and luxurious ambience , with a special design using light colors and offering a warm , harmonized and friendly atmosphere inviting to relaxation.

The programmes combine the specific natural agents particular to Eforie Nord resort ( the salty water and the sapropelic mud from Techirghiol Lake , the sun light , the aerosols and the herbal baths) with modern procedures.

To offer the best services , the Spa hotel in Romania contains many therapy rooms for hydrotherapy , mud baths , massages , electro and magneto therapy , facial and body care , fitness and individual kinetic therapy.

The Health SPA has:

– an indoor – pool with salty water from Techirghiol Lake

– mud bath and hydrotherapy cabinets ( under  water shower , hydro massage , bath with plants, cyclomic shower)

– facial and body aesthetic care cabinets which completes the embellishment and relaxation services and where the specialists use  the Gerovital and Aslavital products and also different international products ( Ardes, Medica 120, Bleu Marine , Pevonia Botanica).

– jacuzzi

– cabinets where the masseurs accomplish personalized massages which have good effects in relaxing , tonifying the muscles , reducing the pain ( relaxation massage , mud massage , volcanic hot stones massage, Shirodhara massage , Sabai massage , Vichy shower massage)

– electro and magneto therapy cabinets


The doctors from Health  spa hotel in Romania contribute with their entire medical competence for establishing an accurate diagnostic by performing personalized analyses , based on the patient’s needs. After the investigations are done , the doctors recommend a treatment for each patient. In this process are involved the specialists from different departments: medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy , geriatrics, kinetic therapists , aesthetics, massage , nurses.

Due to the competence shown by our specialists , the medical center became a reference one in Romania and also in the world.

  • The sapropelic mud has therapeutic qualities, known from the Roman’s period. In our days the lake is known as Techirghiol and it is placed at the side of the imperial road from Tomis ( Constanta) to Callatis ( Mangalia). The mud is formed after an entire biological process, by mineral degradation of the phyto and zooplankton. This mud is unique in Europe because of the complex composition of minerals. The therapeutic use of the mud is done by baths ( together with the salty water) , body wrap and massage. The main recommendations of the mud together with the salty water from the lake are: rheumatic degenerative affections , discalced lesion, rheumatic inflammatory diseases , soft parts affections , post traumatic and surgery lesions , nervous peripheral and central affections , gynecological affections, skin diseases , vascular peripheral affections, endocrine affections , respiratory and ORL affections.
  • Hydrotherapy- is a traditional method of treatment, used since the Roman Empire and since the antique civilizations from Chine , Japan  and Greece. Hydrotherapy is based on the reaction of the organism to warm and cold stimulus to the pressure of the water. It consists in underwater shower , hydro massage with different salts , bath with plants with normal or salty water, cyclonic shower with different temperature programmes , shower – massage Vichy , jacuzzi. All these procedures improve the immunity system , relax the muscles , stimulates the blood pressure and digestion , the reduction of negative effects caused by the sedentary life, giving force and energy to the body.
  • Kinetic therapy – treats different affections and traumatism by using physical exercises , manual therapy in order to obtain a maximum physical and psychological potential. The kinetic therapy is practiced in salty water from Techirghiol Lake under the supervising of the kinetic therapists, the specialists from Health SPA assist the patients  using two methods : the exercise and the education. For the persons who wish to ameliorate their physical condition, the Center offers a modern fitness room.
  • The massage – is done in different forms : therapeutic , regional or general massage , relaxation massage , volcanic hot stone massage, Shirodhara massage , Sabai massage , Vichy shower massage , mud massage. Different types of massage tonify or relax the muscles , stimulate the blood circulation , equilibrate the body and soul.
  • Electrotherapy – is a supplementary procedure useful for the recuperation process of different affections , especially rheumatic, post- traumatic lesions, central or peripheral neurological affections , circulation disturbances , etc. The modern equipment from the Center uses low , middle and high frequency current , ultrasounds. We use also the Laser therapy used for anti-algic effects, therapy through biofeedback used for neurological affections, magneto therapy.
  • Aerosols – Inhaled – therapy , with sea water , Gerovital H3, or other substances which ameliorates respiratory affections like: chronic bronchitis, bronchitis asthma, sinus inflammation, etc.
  • Sauna – The Health SPA is offering two types of sauna: dry sauna and Hammam sauna with chroma therapy. The heat actions very quickly , eliminating the toxins from the body. It relaxes the body , reduces the stress effects , stimulates the internal organs and the systems of the body and remakes the immunity balance.


The medical therapies applied in Health  spa hotel in Romania are following the prophylaxis of the different metabolic and mineral disorders , such as reducing the negative effects of aging.

For this purpose , after the clinical and lab evaluation , we apply Gerovital / Aslavital Therapy in combination with  minerals and vitamins. for the clients suffering of chronic affections , we apply the therapy together with physical exercices. After observing the evolution of the clients , they receive recommendations concerning the following of the treatment at home, keeping in touch with our specialists by e-mail or fax.

At the present time , the Health Spa hotel in Romania has a computerized system to keep record of the clients – first in Romania , which allows following efficiently their evolution and also their results.


The Health  spa hotel in Romania follows the principles based on the fact that every reaction of the organism has a correspondent in the expression of the face. Therefore , the face and body care needs a special attention and our specialists made complex treatments in series of 3 and 6 procedures. The face creams and masks , containing different plants and flowers extracts , argyle, vitamins , vegetal oils , collagen, caviar , ameliox and different substances with action on the wrinkles, are perfect for getting back the lightness and the firmness of the face skin.

Body aesthetic care programmes address to all the categories of guests who are suffering of cellulite disorders , peripheral circulatory disorders , heavy legs syndrome. The programmes contain peeling , hydratation, nutritive masks, which improves the aspect of the body. The products used are intern and international , containing vegetal substances or collagen, ellastine, etc.

Following the complex programme , which satisfies all the needs of  the clients , it is impossible not to see the debut of the positive effects . The specialists emphasize each time that as life is a continuous process , people has to take care of the quality for a long time , to maintain and prolong the physic potential , the energy and the tonus. The Health SPA makes this possible , because most of the guests who benefit from the SPA services came back with friends or family , who want to gain health and beauty.

PERSONALIZED PROGRAMMES in the Spa hotel in Romania:

The programs made by the specialists from Health  Spa hotel in Romania  permit every guest to benefit of a well studied combination of techniques and treatments offered by different services.

  • Relaxation: this programme , although short , is based on the combination of the effects of  fitness exercises with those made in the salty water pool and with the action of sauna , and the warm water of the showers and jacuzzi . We should add to all these the different techniques of massage.
  • Wellness  : this programme is recommended for people who present the debut of some chronicle affections as the rheumatic affections, obesity , arterial hypertension , peripheral disturbances of circulation ( contains 3 procedures / day).
  • Balneo : this programme is made for the amelioration of a large gamma of chronicle affections that need recuperation as rheumatism , arterial hypertension, disturbances of the backbone position. This programme can also treat dermatologic , breathing , neurological, thyroidal and gynecological affections. Combined with special diet it can ameliorate metabolic affections as obesity , the diabetes , the complications of the systemic arterioscleroses.    ( contains 4 procedures / day ).
  • Prophylaxis of ageing : this programme acts on the disturbances of memory , concentration or sleep. It can also combat the depression, the oscillations of the arterial tension, the deficiency of the metabolism of the lipids, glucose, uric acid and thyroidal function. In order to treat these affections , the specialists use Gerovital and Aslavital products. These products are made with procaine , which has equilibration properties and helps to the amelioration of the cellular functions by eliminating the excess of free radicals , characteristic to chronically diseases and to the ageing process. This programme is combined with physical exercises and physiotherapy procedures , contains 2 procedures/ day , plus  injections with Gerovital / Aslavital).


The Health Spa hotel in Romania became famous all over the world by its efficient anti-cellulite and fortifying techniques. For best results, we created body care packages of 6 and 10 procedures and facial packages of 3 and 6 procedures.

There were also created “one day programme” such as:

– Armonie : facial aesthetic care , relaxation massage and jacuzzi

– Splendoare : body aesthetic care ( masks, exfoliating body wraps , massage ) , red grapes bath / algae bath and jacuzzi.

– Catifeaua Neagra : mud bath , mud massage , salt water pool and jacuzzi

– Evadare: the programm helps to eliminate the tension caused by the agitate every-day life. The guests benefits of a relaxing hydro massage / plants bath, fortifying massage , salty water pool and jacuzzi.

These programmes , made on the main requests of our guests , had remarkable results , recognized in the whole world. Our popularity is also proved by the written messages from our guests and by their returning accompanied by other friends , relatives or acquaintances.

The Health  Spa hotel in Romania makes the difference by offering a special attention to its guests. The Health  Spa hotel in Romania is one of those magnificent places where you can find lots of unforgettable moments. That is why we permanently try to surprise you with new procedures , such as:

– Cervical relaxation programme ( cervical regional massage + Kynetotherapy).

– Hurting back programme ( medical regional massage + kynetotherapy)

– Lymphatic – mechanical vane – lymphatic  drainage therapy. Indicated for vane and lymphatic circulatory problems.

– Shirodhara massage – Shirodhara means a scalp , throat and shoulders massage with a thread of warm oil which drops over the face , right on the third chakra eye. The thread of warm oil removes the negative energies accumulated by stress at the face level , rejuvenates the skin , creates a calm , relaxing state and clears the mind.

– Volcanic hot stone massage – the stones , by their conductive properties , produce energetical exchanges in the body, moving the energy surplus from the excess areas to the ones with a deficit. Finally , there is obtained a balance at the energetical level. Combined with human massage , the stones lead to spectacular results by reconditioning , rejuvenating and straightening the body .

– Red grapes bath – A complete innovation in the art of luxurious SPA baths , which offers by the means of perfumes and colors a precious moment , the one of total relaxation. The red grapes store in their seeds and pulp polyphenols , with a preservation of the skin’s youth effect.

– Salty algae bath – the algae are recognized for their capacity to release the lipolysis and for their efficiency in loosing weight programs. In combination with the salty water from Techirghiol  lake the skin will remain firm, hydrated and revigorated.

– Facial programme for Rosacea treatment – Rosacea or acne Rosacea visibly result in persistent redness, dilated capillaries , congestion and pustules. Desensitize and decongest , while effectively relieving Rosacea discomfort. Green tea , Licorice , Chamomille , Allantoin , vitamin E , Rose Essential Oil and Olibanum , properly strengthen capillaries , smooth and hydrate , rendering your skin evenly toned and visibly calmed.

– Facial programme for hyperpigmentation treatment – when you suffer from hyperpigmentation and even coloration , your skin visibly reflects it. Reclaim a more unified skin tone with powerful lightening products  that deliver results. Brighten your complexions for an even healthy tone. Proven – effective ingredients such as: Azelaic Acid, Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate , Glycolic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid , visibly lighten your Skin’s imperfections.

– Anti – wrinkles treatment – MEDI TOX: these sessions offer modern treatment with Ameliox ( for a gradually diminution of expression wrinkles) , products based on collagen and elastin ( for mature and tired skin ) and oxygen with an anti – wrinkles effect for all skin types. Ameliox is a non- injectable alternative of the Botox treatment, its purpose being the prevention and diminution of expressions wrinkles. At the same time it is the best supplement for those who resort to injectable treatment in order to prolong its results and postpone new interventions.

-Facial treatment for HIM – Don’t allow your face to betray your age ! Integrate a simple but yet effective regimen to visibly preserve a youthful , recharged appearance. Select phyto – extracts and anti-aging elements such as: Caviar extract , Portulacca, Green Tea , Ginko Biloba, Vitamian C&E , powerfully address your skin’s unique needs.

– Green coffee body wrap – Slim and tone your body with a cutting – edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and tonic wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat , increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. Pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee , naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid , Polysaccharides, Proteins ans essential Oils , smoothes and enhances your skin’s overall texture , visibly reducing spongy , deeply cellulitic areas.

– Body care treatment for HIM – Body and mind recovery and strengthening through the effect of ginger. The therapy indulges the body , bringing vitality and positive energy. Recommendations : relaxation , circulatory improvement.

– Anti- cellulite and anti – ageing body care programmes – a complex treatment based on argyle, sea algae, green tea, caffeine, chocolate and red grapes.

LOW SEASON: 17.04 – 08.06. ;   14.09 –  31.10

INTERMEDIARY SEASON  1  : 09.06 – 28.06.

INTERMEDIARY SEASON  2 :   29.06 – 10.07. ;    24.08 – 30.08.

HIGH SEASON : 11.07 – 23.08.

Check in: 16:00 – 18:00 ; Check out: 12 *

Packages include : treatment , accommodation in double room for one person, breakfast , half-board or full – board , VAT and local tax. *

Guests with treatment have free access to in-door pool and jacuzzi daily , between 4pm- 6 pm.

The highly trained expert team and the medical center with last generation equipment and splendid ambiance offers you: SAPROPELIC MUD BATHS, HYDROTHERAPY ( underwater shower , hydro massage, bath with plants), KINETOTHERAPY ( individual and groups) , HYDRO- KYNETOTHERAPY ( in pool with salted water from Techirghiol Lake ) , DRY AND HUMID SAUNA , SALTED WATER POOL, JACUZZI, DRY MASSAGE , SHOWER – MASSAGE VICHY , MUD MASSAGE , ELECTROTHERAPY ( low, medium, and high frequence currents , galvanotherapy, ultrasounds, magnetotherapy, laser) , AEROSOLS, PARAFIN / PARAFANGO EMPACKING. The Health SPA can also make lab analyses ( blood and urine), EKG and other special investigations recommended by the doctors.


A. Relax & Health (6 days , 12 days)

Content: 2 procedures / day at choice between :

– 30′  dry massage , hurting back programme , cervical relaxation programme , 30′ lymphatic drainage massage

– sapropelic mud bath , bath with plants, hydromassage, underwater shower

  Breakfast Half – board Full-board Single-supplement / sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights 410 522 620 147
13 nights 737 945 1127 260
7 nights 438 557 648 154
13 nights 789 997 1179 273
7 nights 476 602 714 161
13 nights 843 1064 1259 286
7 nights 532 665 784 238
13 nights 960 1194 1402 429

B.Relax & Spoil(6 days , 12 days)

Content: 2 procedures /day at choice between

-55’dry massage , 30′ ‘volcanic hot stone massage  , 30′ reflexotherapy

– sapropelic mud  bath, bath with plants, hydromassage, underwater shower

  Breakfast Half-board Full-board Single supplement/sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights 430 542 640 147
13 nights 777 985 1167 260
7 nights 458 577 668 154
13 nights 829 1037 1219 273
7 nights 496 622 734 161
13 nights 888 1109 1304 286
7 nights 552 685 804 238
13 nights 1005 1239 1447 429

C. Detox cure  – ( 6 days,12 days)

Content: medical consultation , 3/6 * mechanical vane – lymphatic drainage therapy sessions and 3/6* manual vane – lymphatic drainage therapy sessions ; 3 procedures / day by choice : 1. Dry massage /mud massage/ shower -massage Vichy ;  2. Underwater shower / Hydromassage / Vichy shower / Cyclonic shower ; 3. Red grapes bath / salted bath with algae / bath with plants.

*3 sessions for the 6 days packages and 6 sessions for the 12 days packages.

  Breakfast Half-board Full board Single supplement / sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights 550 662 760 147
13 nights 862 1070 1252 260
7 nights 578 697 802 154
13 nights 914 1122 1304 273
7 nights 621 747 859 161
13 nights 973 1194 1389 286
7 nights 677 810 929 228
13 nights 1090 1324 1532 429

D.Anti stress cure ( 6 days , 12 days , 18 days )

Content: medical consultation , 3 Physiotherapy procedures/day : 3/6/9 sapropelic mud baths , 3/6/9 plants baths,  3/5/8 dry massage , 3/5/8 hydro massage, 3/5/6 underwater shower , 2/4/6 sapropelic mud massage , 1/3/4 shower massage Vichy , 0/3/4 cyclonic shower

Medical recommendations: The program addresses to active persons with physical and mental saturation: improving sleep disturbances, somatic effect control of stress through physical and mental relaxation,  contractures and muscle pain control , computer syndrome, improving rheumatic pain and weight problems, hypertension, peripheral circulatory disturbances and osteoporosis.

  Breakfast Half-board Full board Single supplement /sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights 435 547 645 147
13 nights 727 935 1117 260
19 nights 1036 1340 1606 380
7 nights 463 582 687 154
13 nights 779 987 1169 273
19 nights 1112 1416 1682 399
7 nights 501 627 739 161
13 nights 833 1054 1249 286
19 nights 1189 1512 1797 418
7 nights 557 690 809 238
13 nights 950 1184 1392 429
19 nights 1360 1702 2006 627

E.  Medical rehabilitation cure ( 6 days, 12 days, 18 days)

Content: medical consultation , 4 Physiotherapy procedures / day :  3/6/9 sapropelic mud baths , 3/6/9 plant baths, 3/6/9 dry massage,   3/5/8 hydro massage  , 3/4/6 underwater shower , 3/4/6 paraffin empacking ,  2/4/6 sapropelic mud massage ,  3/4/6 electrotherapy , 1/3/4 shower massage Vichy ,  0/3/4 cyclonic shower ,  0/4/6  hydrokinetotherapy , medical report (clinical and functional , evolution and recommendations).

Medical recommendations: chronic rheumatic and inflammatory conditions , chronic lumbago, vertebral static disturbance, post traumatic and post surgical rehabilitation , peripheral and central neurological disturbances, osteoporosis,  arterial / venous circulatory disturbances, oscillation of blood pressure , dermatologic diseases ( psoriasis, neurodermitis, eczemas) , gynecologic disorders ( ovarian failure, sterilities ) , respiratory diseases.

  Breakfast Half-board Full-board Single supplement / sojourn  
LOW SEASON          
7 nights 465 577 675 147  
13 nights 817 1025 1207 260  
19 nights 1131 1435 1701 380  
7 nights 493 612 717 154  
13 nights 869 1077 1259 273  
19 nights 1207 1511 1777 399  
7 nights 536 662 774 161  
13 nights 933 1154 1349 286  
19 nights 1294 1617 1902 418  
HIGH SEASON          
7 nights 592 725 844 238  
13 nights 1050 1284 1492 429  
19 nights 1465 1807 2111 627  

F. Anti aging prevention (6 days,12 days,18 days)

Content: medical consultation, Gerovital, Aslavital treatment , 2 Physiotherapy procedures / day : 2/4/6 sapropelic mud baths, 2/2/4 plant baths ,  3/5/6 dry massage , 0/ 2/ 4 hydro massage  ,  2/3/ 4 underwater shower ,  2/4/5 sapropelic mud baths ,  1/2/3 shower massage Vichy , 0/2/4 kynetotherapy , medical report.

Medical recommendation: Prophylaxis of aging ( between 40- 55 years ) , beginning of aging disturbance , memory / concentration / sleep disturbance , depressive stages ,  oscillation of blood pressure, metabolic disturbances of cholesterol, blood sugar, uric acid, thyroid stress syndrome.

  Breakfast Half-board Full-board Single supplement / sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights  420  532  630  147
13 nights  712  920  1102  260
19 nights 991  1295  1561 380
7 nights  448  567  672  154
13 nights  764  972  1154  273
19 nights  1067  1371  1637  399
7 nights  486  612  724  161
13 nights  818  1039  1234  286
19 nights  1144  1467  1752  418
7 nights  542  675  794  238
13 nights  935  1169  1377  429
19 nights  1315  1657  1961  627

G. Anti aging ( 6 days, 12 days, 18 days)

Content: medical consultation , Gerovital / Aslavital treatment, 3 Physiotherapy procedures / day : 3/6/9  sapropelic mud baths ,  3/6/9 plant baths ,  3/5/8 dry massage ,  3/5/ 8  hydro massage ,  3/4/6 underwater shower ,  2/4/6 sapropelic mud massage ,  1/3/4 shower massage Vichy ,  0/3/4 cyclonic shower , medical report.

Medical recommendations: stress syndrome , cardio – vascular diseases , rheumatic affections , metabolic diseases ( diabetes, obesity, depression, migraines and Parkinson diseases)

  Breakfast Half-board Full-board Single supplement/ sojourn
LOW SEASON        
7 nights 470 582 680 147
13 nights 772 980 1162 260
19 nights 1091 1395 1661 380
7 nights 498 617 722 154
13 nights 824 1032 1214 273
19 nights  1167  1471  1737  399
7 nights 536 662 774 161
13 nights 878 1099 1294 286
19 nights 1244 1567 1852 418
7 nights 592 725 844 238
13 nights 955 1229 1437 429
19 nights 1415 1757 2061 627

H. Healthy Slim ( 9 days, 14 days 19 days) – available only with full board – special menu

Content: medical consultation ; 3 procedures / day : 6/10/12 fitness ,  3/4/7 Aquagym ,  3/4/7 Lymphatic drainage 60′,  6/10/10 body aesthetics: Thalion 3/5 + Bleu Marine 3/5 , 3/5/6 underwater shower ,  3/4/6 reflexotherapy ,  3/5/6 anticelullite massage ,  0/0/4 cyclonic shower , medical report.

  Breakfast Half-board Full-board Single supplement sojourn
LOW SEASON        
10 nights     1240 210
15 nights     1785 300
20 nights     2280 400
10 nights     1300 220
15 nights     1845 315
20 nights     2360 420
10 nights     1360 230
15 nights     1920 330
20 nights     2460 440
10 nights     1460 340
15 nights     2085 495
20 nights     2680 660

In this spa hotel in Romania, optionally, to the above treatment packages you can add beauty packages including just spa services: 1. FACIAL AESTHETICS (6 days – 3 sessions*, 12 days – 6 sessions*) Content: Face skin diagnosis, steam humidification, cleansing, peeling, detoxifying mask, hydration, ionisation,vacuum, thermoterapy, massage, lifting, high frequency currents tonification. Reccomendations: reduction / removal of wrinkles, luminosity relume, face hidration, tonifying the cleavage. Are used Gerovital/ Aslavital products. 6 days 165 Euro 12 days 300 Euro * 1 session – 60 minutes

2. THAL’ION FACIAL AESTHETICS – THALI’SOURCE, ALGO PUR, ALGO LIFT (6 days – 3 sessions, 12 days – 6 sessions) You need an efficient weapon against pollution, wind, temperature variations. This programme is ideal for „thirsty” skins, that need intensive hydration or to stop the time and prevent the first wrinkles to appear. It slows the ageing process and restores the youth of your skin. Contains: cleansing, mask, gommage, toner, hydration, massage. 6 days 180 Euro; 12 days 335 Euro * 1 session – 60 minutes

3. BODY AESTHETIC CARE 1. VITE VITALITY Cellulite treatment, weight loss, remodeling and increase skin firmness. A sensory experience that gives balance body and mind. Bruno Vasari treatment includes peeling products of spontaneous heating effect, intensive serum, mask-based plasticizer grape extract. 2. BIO SLIM Biphasic therapy for volume loss and strengthening. Obtain a significant weight loss, improve the appearance of “orange peel” skin and firmness. Bruno Vasari treatment products include peeling, thermo cream, cellulite and oxidative mask, application of gel firmness. 6 days 310 Euro;  12 days 470 Euro * 1 session – 60 minutes


Early Booking: 10% discount for accommodation and meals when booking any package provided full payment at least 30 days before arrival at the hotel. Early booking payments are non-refundable.


To receive medical and spa treatments in this spa hotel in Romania are necessary:

– a history of diseases that you had/have

– medical tests in the last 6 months

– medical certificate from your personal physician that you can do the medical/spa treatment you want

* For beauty treatments or relaxation is not necessary what is written above.

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