Beneficial oils for taking care of your beauty.

Beneficial oils for taking care of your beauty.

Essential oils

Essential oils

Beneficial oils for maintaining  your beauty.

Grape seed oil:

This oil is pressed from grape seeds and is quite expensive, but protects the skin and gives shine in an incredible way. Many cosmetic experts say it is the healthiest oil  for  skin, especially for eye and neck.  It helps you to reduce fine lines, it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Olive oil:

It is perfect for dry skin, it has a lot of antioxidants and protects against free radicals.

Sunflower oil:

It can be as good as the olive oil. Besides being a good moisturizer, it absorbs well into the skin and is perfect for massage.

Coconut oil:

It is a common ingredient in soaps, is highly effective especially for dry skin. However, you should try it on a small part of the leather first, because there is a risk of allergy.

Almond oil:

Almond oil is an ideal remedy for dry skin. Although it can be used for any type of skin, almond oil works wonders for dry skin prone, irritation and itching. This oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin and leaves no greasy traces, as is the case with other oils.
Apply it on  warm skin after bathing or when the pores are open and the oil can be absorbed quickly.

Sesame oil:

Traditionally, sesame oil was used to treat various skin problems such as eczema, burns or hair loss. This oil has the ability to rapidly penetrate the skin to deeper layers, and it is good  to  hydrate  and detoxify the skin.
It also has a high content of iron, phosphorus and magnesium. Copper, which is another element in the composition of sesame oil has a special importance in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which keep the skin firmness and prevent wrinkles.
Heat the  sesame oil in a pot on the stove until it reaches body temperature or slightly more, but does not get hot because you can scald. Then apply it all over your body, gently massaging. Rinse with warm water, but do not use soap. The oil will maintain an adequate hydration and your skin will be smooth and silky.

Argan oil:

With its mix full of nutrients, essential fatty acids (80%), antioxidants, polyphenols and carotenoids, this miraculous oil helps your skin to recover itself. Right after you wash your skin, dry it by dabbing with a soft towel and apply a generous layer of argan oil.

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