Breast reconstruction. Breast Implants facts vs. fiction.

Breast reconstruction. Breast Implants facts vs. fiction.


Breast reconstruction. Breast implants.

Breast reconstruction. Breast implants.


Breast reconstruction facts and fiction.

Breast reconstruction is a procedure that involves using implants or fat-graft surgery as an approach to modify the look of a woman’s breasts. It is completely voluntary i.e. the woman can decide exactly what she wants or even whether she wants it at all. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) stated that more than 330,000 women used breast implants in 2012. In 2013, the FDA approved the “Gummy Bear Implant” and because of that plastic surgeons think that this statistics will go much higher.  There are many things that are misunderstood about this operation:

Breast reconstruction Facts:

Why is it required?

Breast lift with implants may be required for any of the following reasons: a woman may feel that her breasts are too small, which is a genuine reason in many cases to alter their appearance to something more aesthetically attractive. Besides this reason, a mastectomy surgery also merits a breast implant to return the patient’s breasts to their normal appearance after the tumor has been removed. Sometimes, there is a mismatch in between the breasts by birth, or a deformity in the chest, that a woman may wish to have corrected through breast plastic surgery.

Types of implants:

Surgical breast reconstruction involves altering the appearance of the breast by placing implants behind the breast(s) of the woman. Today there are two types of breast implants that are most popular: the sterile saline implants and the silicone-gel filled implants.

How breast implanting works:

Before the breast lift with implants is performed, your plastic surgeon will measure the dimensions of your breasts, and probably make markings on the operation site. It is also normal for pre and post-procedure photos of your breasts to be taken – remember that these photos are completely confidential. Once the procedure starts, the surgeon will make incisions at the crease of your breast and place an implant after making room for it under your breast. Breast lift with implants surgery will last only one or two hours.

Breast reconstruction Fiction:

Implanted breasts look unoriginal:

A commonly associated myth with breast reconstruction is that the result does not resemble real breasts one hundred percent. This has nothing to do with the procedure. The culprits in most cases are those women who seek to enlarge their breasts beyond natural proportions which obviously gives them away. If you chose a certified, experienced plastic surgeon, there is no reason that your implanted breasts will look abnormal at all.

The procedure get in the way of breastfeeding:

Yet another completely unproven rumor. The enhancement procedure does not alter the natural anatomy of the breasts and there has been no evidence of the filler even being found in mother’s milk so women who want a family but also want to undergo this procedure should not worry about any effect on their breast health.

The implants require frequent replacement:

This isn’t true at all. Although the implants may require replacement eventually, there is a long period in which no such ‘maintenance’ operation is required. In fact, the need for a replacement is also dependent on the age at which the women undergoes breast plastic surgery and how much she takes care of her physique.


There are some concrete benefits of undergoing breast reconstruction that just can’t be ignored:

It can provide a massive self-esteem booster to those women who have been ridiculed because of their physical appearance, allowing her to be a functional, confident part of society.

It can provide a return to normalcy for those women who have undergone a mastectomy surgery, in both physical and psychological terms. Breast implants made mastectomy an acceptable treatment option, thus increased the survival rate of breast cancer.

It can most definitely improve the woman’s love life which is the right of every human being.

Breast reconstruction or breast enhancement surgery may be stigmatized by some people, but it should be remembered that they go a long way in boosting the self-confidence of a person who is teased about her physical appearance by the society.

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