Breast reduction

Breast reduction


Reduction mammaplasty can offer relief and solve the effects of overly large and ptosic breasts such as neck, back and ear pain, skin irritation or further more skeletal deformations and respiratory problems. Other minor but real and very present problems are referring to the difficulties in finding a suitable brassier or in choosing proper clothing. This phenomenon has negative side effects on the women’s psychic, same as in small breasts cases. Breast reduction is performed since the fifties and a large number of women has benefited from the results of such a surgical intervention.


Breast Reduction mammaplasty addresses to the women with big (large) and ptosic breasts. No psychical exercise and no medical treatment can solve this handicap. In the initial phase of the consultation it is important to discuss with the plastic surgeon about your breast reduction surgery  expectations due to the fact that every individual has a certain vision about the size of the breasts and the scars’ aspect. It is advisable to discuss with the surgeon about the areola and nipple’s position in order to be sure that you understand exactly the scarring you will have.


There are risks involved in any surgery. Being a major surgical intervention risks should be discussed before the intervention with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist about the implied risks. Besides the ordinary risk implied by a general anesthesia infections or hematoma might occur and cause unaesthetic scars. For smokers the healing process is usually harder and the scars are wider. Besides the risk of skin or areola necrosis are higher. Some sensitivity changes of the areola and nipple may also occur, but very rarely these changes are permanent. The breast reduction procedure can leave your breasts with slightly perceptible size differences or areolas placed on different levels. Taking into consideration that the breast reduction procedure implies cutting through several galactoforic ducts, the permanent lost of breastfeeding possibility might occur in some very rare cases. The reduction mammaplasty is not a simple procedure but it normally implies few risk if it is performed by a specialized and skilled surgeon.


  • Before surgery, you should make an echography or mammography;
  • Do not eat and drink after midnight before breast reduction surgery;
  • It is forbidden to take any medicines containing aspirin, with 2 weeks before the mammaplasty surgery;
  • Usually, for women, the surgical intervention must be performed outside menses;
  • You must prevent the surgeon and the anesthesiologist if you have medical problems –  vascular  tension, vascular problems, stroke, diabetes, lung problems, bleeding problems, epilepsy, neurological problems, allergies to various medications;
  • The physician must be notified if you have a set of plates or eye lenses;
  • If you smoke, plan to quit 2 weeks before the operation and do not start to smoke again for at least 2 weeks after surgery;
  • Avoid sunbathing in excess before breast reduction surgery;
  • Do not follow a strict diet before surgery because it might delay the healing process;
  • If you catch a cold or have any infection, the surgery must be rescheduled.


The  breast reduction mammaplasty will be performed under general anesthesia. It takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on the complexity of the case. There are several known techniques but the most used one involves making a small incision in the form of an inverted “T” following the outlines of the natural breast. The tegumentary surplus is excised, and both the nipple and the areola are moved up, following a drawing by default. A gland decollation is also performed, from the pectoral muscle, then the glandular tissue and fat excess is being removed. Then the breast is re-positioned with non-resorbable surgical threads. The breast reduction procedure can be completed with liposuction for removing the adipose tissue from the armpit. The method leaves a scar that runs around the edge of the areola, a vertical scar on the breast meridian and a scar in the inframammary fold. Drainage tubes will be attached for 24 hours.


The breast reduction surgery requires up to one or two days of hospitalization and during this period antibiotic is administrated. The patient should wear elastic bra above the medical dressing. For the first few days the breasts will be swollen and painful.


Following hospitalization, the stitches will be removed at 12 days after mammaplasty surgery, even by the family doctor. The patient will wear for 2 or 3 months a suitable surgical brassier. It is usually recommended to avoid intense physical efforts for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Some sensitivity changes might also appear around the areola and the nipple, which usually disappear in the first 6 weeks, rarely lasting.

Work can be continued in maximum one week after the breast reduction surgical intervention and heavy sports should be avoided for a period of 1 month. Usually the mammaplasty surgery will not deter from breastfeeding during a new pregnancy, but will negatively influence the scars and breast position.

As for the breast reduction scars, you must know that for the first 6 months they will blemish and swell but in about 9 months to one year after the surgery they will flatten and fade. It is recommended to avoid sunbathing for one year after the surgery in order to prevent scars’ pigmentation. Our cosmetic surgery doctors make all efforts to leave small and slightly visible scars. Nevertheless it is important to acknowledge that mastopexy leaves big and permanent scars. Fortunately, the scars can be hidden by the brassier or the bathing suit.

You must have in mind that the new position of the breasts will not be permanent; the gravity effect, pregnancies, the aging process and weight fluctuations can lead to a gradual reappearance of the ptosis. However, through this surgical intervention you will get rid of the physical discomfort caused by the large breasts, your body will be better proportioned and clothes will fit you better and, most importantly, you will loose complexes.

If you are in realistic expectations and you are ready to manage the consequences of having a permanent scar, then, the mammaplasty surgery is a good solution for you.

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