Beauty tips

Cosmetic mask for a smooth skin, based on honey, milk and lemon juice.

How to prepare this cosmetic mask: Put a teaspoon of each ingredient in a bowl, mix them well, then spread the mixture on your face. Keep the cosmetic mask on face for 15-20 minutes, then remove with warm water.  Why to use this cosmetic mask: This is one of the best cosmetic masks to achieve a smooth skin, without impurities, healthy appearance. The milk moisturizes, the honey delicate exfoliates and […]

Beneficial oils for taking care of your beauty.

Beneficial oils for maintaining  your beauty. Grape seed oil: This oil is pressed from grape seeds and is quite expensive, but protects the skin and gives shine in an incredible way. Many cosmetic experts say it is the healthiest oil  for  skin, especially for eye and neck.  It helps you to reduce fine lines, it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Olive oil: It is perfect for dry skin, […]

The benefits of jumping rope.

Strength in the arm: Any elastic cords will strengthen your arm and at the same time they work to the   shoulders. Exercise works especially for  triceps, biceps and deltoid. If you raise the complexity of exercise and the weight of the rope, this  will help you in getting more results, because in this way the arm will work more and thus you will work and most beautiful form of the […]

The best foods for healthy and beautiful eyes.

The best foods for healthy eyes: Apricots, carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkin: they are good for eyes because they are a rich source of carotene and the body converts it into vitamin A; Red beans, shells, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds: they are good for eyes because they are a good source of zinc, and it is vital for eye health; Oranges, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers: it helps blood vessels in the eye  do […]

The benefits of eating seeds.

Benefits of Flax seeds: If you want to lose weight it is better to know that flax seed regularly included in the diet helps to maintain satiety for a  longer time and omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease appetite. Also the Flax seeds help to accelerate the burning of fat. If you suffer from constipation, flax seed can help because it works quickly and effectively. They also relieves fatigue, stress […]

Age spots. Dark spots or brown spots on skin.

How to reduce the visibility of brown spots: Before of all the best thing to do is  to ask your doctor before taking action, because there are several methods. It is also better to know that there are remedies for age spots removal that you can prepare at your home for alleviating stains: Step 1 Cut an onion and put it in the blender, then squeeze the juice from it. […]

How to maintain your ideal weight.

How to maintain your ideal weight; Sometimes it seems impossible to keep your weight for a long time. Talk to a professional: a doctor, a nutritionist or a qualified health care; someone who can help you establish your ideal weight and safest way to get to it. Eat small portions of food. Eat a greater variety of foods to ensure you get the whole nutrition you need. Eat foods rich […]

Natural treatments for gray hair.

What to use as natural treatments for gray hair: Although gray hair is usually associated with aging, it is not always so. It seems that early whitening of hair is actually hereditary and can be inherited from a parent or grandparent. Graying of hair can also be influenced by the stress. People experiencing prolonged periods of stress and anxiety may notice, over a period of time, the gradual emergence of […]

Daily Skin Care.

  Daily skin care depends on the skin type of each person has. There are 5 types of skin: Normal skin: the skin is neither dry nor oily, and the hydration and the fat content are perfectly balanced. Oily skin:  the skin has a greasy, shiny aspect and the pores are enlarged. There is also a  tend to make acne. Dry skin: the skin is dry because it missed the […]

Exfoliate your skin with products from the pantry.

  Benefit from the advantages of the best natural ingredients for skin care: Potatoes: raw potatoes are excellent for preparing a skin exfoliant. Mix equal parts of grated raw potatoes , green tea and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix them well and apply the composition  on your face with the fingertips, using light circular movements. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes then rinse it thoroughly with warm water. […]