Healthy living

Tips for a healthy living.

Tips for a healthy living – No.1-  Eat frequently peanuts : Healthy: Peanuts consumption is associated with a low rate of heart disease. But it is very important that you buy fresh peanuts, so you must make sure they are not rancid. It is recommended to store them in a location away from moisture and air, so it is preferable to avoid buy them in bunch. Tips for a healthy […]

The importance of mineral waters consumption during the Summer. Benefits of mineral water.

The importance of mineral waters consumption : All mineral waters are primarily a source of hydration and recovery of minerals lost through sweat, especially in Summer. Potassium metal is extremely important in achieving inhibition of nerves and muscle relaxation.. For example, if in Summer we expose  to  sunshine, we begin to lose potassium through sweat, and the  nerve cells will not have enough reserves to be able to reduce excessive […]

About fatigue and its consequences.

About fatigue and its consequences: Professor Cabane responsible for consulting in all cases of unexplained fatigue, at  Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, said from the start that he needed a few hours to list all fatigue’s  causes and that if you have the curiosity to open a medical encyclopedia, tou’ll see that fatigue appears as “symptom” on the first to the last page. All diseases have fatigue as a common symptom, Possible […]

The importance of a good night sleep and the absence of sleep disorders.

The importance of a good night sleep and the absence of sleep disorders: For most people sleep means a period of inactivity. But you should know that all kinds of processes are active in our body and mind during sleep. The sleep involves a natural rhythm that starts in the evening when the pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that signals the time for sleep. When the person is ready […]

What are allergies and how they can be treated.

What are allergies and how they can be treated: The main causes of allergies is pollen,  the one from the trees or from the grass or from the weeds, molds, house dust, pets. But can also be caused by a wasp or bee sting. Allergies are conditions with an enhanced immune response against an exterior cause. The body immune response is induced and heads towards allergens. The human body synthesizes […]

Rehydrate the body with fruits and vegetables.

Rehydrate the body with fruits and vegetables: We can move more easily over the adverse effects of the summer if we include in our diet fruits and vegetables , rich in water, and vitamins, minerals and sugars, which hydrate more the body. WATERMELON: It is one of the ideal sources of hydration on hot days because it contains water at a rate of 94%. A cure for several days with […]

The negative effects of the alcohol.How much do you know about alcohol?

The negative effects of the alcohol: The alcohol makes you fat, but much less than sugar, white bread, potatoes and rice. Pure alcohol brings to the body 7 kcal / gram. Alcohol makes you fat because it is a rapidly metabolized carbohydrate and it is placed in reserve immediately after it has stimulated the secretion of insulin. – Alcohol has a depressant effect on the central nervous system, this means […]

Nutrition: the essence of health and youth. Why is nutrition important?

Why is nutrition important? Our body is made up of living cells that are born, grow, die and are replaced with new ones constantly. Because in the modern society prevails overheated food, fried, with a high of substitutes and preservatives, and our body is bombarded daily by environmental pollutants, stress and improper eating habits, slowly, year by year, our bodies decay. Each   replaced cell is not as the former, it no […]

Laughter – the best medicine.

Laughter – the best medicine . Laughter lowers blood pressure and affects hormones that control  the appetite. Also  it helps to  increase good cholesterol, hormones playing   important roles in the immune system and mood. Researchers scientifically demonstrated that a regular laughter  affect s good cholesterol (HDL). The investigators concluded that laughter reduces cardiovascular risks associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Laughter therapy: It was published in the early 90s and […]

The Benefits of meditation for mind and body.

The Benefits of meditation: After a session of meditation for only 2 minutes, all regions of the brain have won. The frontal lobe, responsible for planning, emotions and self-awareness, become relaxed. The parietal lobe, which processes sensory information and spatial orientation slows down its activity. Also, the thalamus, the attention to the surrounding signals responsible , reduces its ability to process information. Regular meditation has a number of advantages that […]