Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes. Tomatoes salad with mint.

Tomato salad  with mint – Ingredients: For 4 portions you need: 1 – 6 tomatoes 2 – 3 spring onions 3 tablespoon mint 4 lemon 5 corinadru teaspoon (if fresh, the better!) 6 a pinch of sal Preparation : The onions, the mint and coriander finely chopped and tomatoes cut them into rings. Place all in a bowl and mix with lemon juice and a pinch of salt. We can […]

Healthy drinks. Apple syrup.

Apple syrup  Ingredients: 3 kg apples, 3 l water, 1 kg sugar (or honey) Method  of preparation: Peel the  apples, cut  them into thin slices and place them in a saucepan with water on high heat until they ‘ll be soft. Strain the liquid  through a cloth thick, add 1 kg of sugar ( or honey) and boil it until the syrup begins to thicken, taking care to remove the […]

Healthy drinks. Black cherry syrup.

Black cherry syrup. Ingredients: 500 g black cherries 500 ml water 750 g sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar juice from one lemon Method of preparation of Black cherry syrup: Black cherry syrup is delicious and very healthy. To make this recipe syrup wash first  very well  all cherries, then remove the  kernels and  break  the stems. Place  them in a bowl and cover with a quarter-pound of sugar. Leave it […]

Healthy drinks. Acacia syrup.

Ingredients for Acacia syrup: 1.5 kg acacia flowers 1kg sugar (or honey) 3 sachets vanilla sugar 3l water 1 sachet lemon salt Peel a lemon Preparation  of acacia flowers syrup: Individual wash all the flowers picked, or leave them in water for at least half an hour after which rinse them.  Put them to boil  like for a tea, and let them boil for 20 minutes. Cover and let  this […]

Healthy drinks. Syrup of roses with vanilla.

Ingredients for preparation  of Syrup of roses with vanilla: • rose petals • 3 liters plain water • 1 kg of sugar ( or honey) • 1 vanilla pod • The amount of petals can not specify, but the idea is to use a small bag full with rose petals , I think around 30-40 Roses. • We break and wash rose petals. We put them in a large pot. […]

Healthy drinks. Raspberry Syrup.

Raspberry syrup: It is prepared from one kilogram of raspberry fruit thoroughly washed, placed in a jar, which are crushed with a wooden spoon. Bind the jar mouth with gauze and keep it  2-3 days, stirring daily to not get mold. The raspberry juice left in the jar pass it through double or triple gauze, soaked in the water and squeeze in advance. Allow 24 hours for brightening and  then […]

Healthy drinks. Syrup of seabuckthorn.

Syrup of seabuckthorn : Ingredients for cooking: 1/2 kg seabuckthorn 500 grams of natural honey Method of preparation: Clean  the seabuckthorn berries from the stems and wash them in some water then leave to drain. Then we’ll put  the seabuckthorn with honey in the blender jar. Be sure to change the metal knife  with plastic knife because the seabuckthorn oxidizes very easily. Mix them until you get a paste. We […]

Healthy food. Eggplants.

Zacusca with eggplants. Ingredients for preparation: ● 10 large eggplant, ● 10 red peppers, ● 15 peppers, ● 4 pounds tomatoes ● 1 kg of onions, ● 500 ml of oil ● salt Method of preparation: Bake eggplant, peppers and bell peppers. Then the vegetables are cleaned and allowed to drain for a few hours. Then boil tomatoes. Remove spines and all seeds from peppers and green peppers and cut […]

Healthy drinks. Syrup of pine nuts.

  Ingredients for syrup of pine nuts : 500 gr young pine tree buds the size of 3-5 cm, sugar, water Preparation of the pine nuts syrup: Take the pine tree buds and leave them over the night in a bowl of cold water. In the morning take them out and wash them with water to remove all impurities. Take the washed pine tree  buds put them in a larger pot […]

Healthy drinks. Watermelon drink.

Preparation watermelon juice: With a juicer get watermelon juice , place it to cold for 30 min. Separately boil the sugar (or honey)  and water for 2 minutes and let cool completely. In a glass cup, about 1.5-2 l put cold syrup, lemon juice, watermelon juice and ice cubes. Mix vigorously  for a few seconds. Serve cold with mint. Health benefits of water melon juice: Constipation: drink 1-2 glasses of […]