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  INTERMEDLINE MEDICAL TOURISM OFFERS – HOSPITALS, CLINICS , PRICES Medical procedures / surgeries information – Articles: What you need to know about medical tourism – Recommended books. JCI-Accredited Organizations List of hospitals in Europe List of hospitals in Asia List of hospitals in Africa List of hospitals in North America List of hospitals in South America List of hospitals in United States List of hospitals in Australia   Dentistry: […]

What is medical tourism, how medical tourism companies help ?

What is medical tourism: Medical tourism is a popular method to get affordable and quality healthcare services in other countries such as Romania, Ukraine, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco,Turkey, or other medical tourism destinations for the reason that medical insurance in western countries has a high cost, thing that have  led many people not opting […]

Medical tourism packages , 2016 .

MEDICAL TOURISM PACKAGES IN TURKEY , 2015 : IVF INTERMEDLINE offers you new hope with the best IVF specialists in Turkey for 5000 EUR, including the IVF procedure costs, round trip air tickets for you and your companion, 2 weeks stay in a luxurious hotel and your transfers. DENTAL IMPLANT Dental tourism in Turkey Each implant only for 500 EUR including all implant parts and operation, except the porcelain BYPASS         […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Australia.

Medical tourism in Romania: While Romanians treat their serious medical conditions abroad, foreigners medical tourists are coming in  Romania to dentists and plastic surgeons or for a health spa cure. Especially, Romania begins to become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for dental treatments,  having  one of the highest number of international standard dental clinics worldwide. Whether you need general dentistry services, aesthetics or dental surgical treatments , […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Switzerland.

Medical tourism in Romania: Dental tourism in Romania ensures savings of 70% to complex dental treatments.  Medical tourists know and appreciate the value of dentistry in Romania, which is as high as that of countries in Western Europe or the US. Quality-price ratio is clearly in favor of Romanian dental  clinics, because the same treatments are carried out at the same standard. Romania is one of the countries with a […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Denmark.

Medical tourism in Romania: The private health system in Romania, whether it’s about dental or about large medical clinics or hospitals offers high quality medical services. Bucharest is a center of excellence of medicine in Romania because in the recent years there have been major investments in the private sector in this city, additionally having interesting touristic elements. There are many countries, for example the UK, where there are very […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Netherlands.

Medical tourism in Romania: Medical tourism in Romania will maintain a high growth in the coming years. Romania has become a tourist attraction, through the dental services offered in this country after the model of the neighboring countries such as Hungary and Poland. The main reason is that there are low prices on  dental treatment in Romania  and a low labor cost in comparison to Western European countries, but the […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Portugal.

Medical tourism in Romania: Medical tourism is a product  increasingly used  worldwide, but insufficiently exploited in Romania. A large number of medical  tourists  who visit Romania for treatment are French, Germans, Italians. They pay 40% of costs in their home country.  Abroad, a dental work get to be more expensive than in Romania. Same thing happen for  ophthalmic  operations or investigations , plastic surgery, which is why  Romania is sought […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Israel.

Medical tourism in Romania: Romania follows the upward slope in the world, in terms of medical tourism.  Visitors in Romanian medical and relaxation spas represent 10-15% of the tourist circuit, the forecasts showing that demand will be over 20% for the prophylaxis and recreation. It is a trend that cannot be denied ,  and otherwise a  healthy one for medical tourists who want to invest in prevention and  to avoid […]

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Germany.

Medical tourism in Romania: Medical tourism is developing in Romania. The country  begins to develop its private network of hospitals offering medical treatment and surgery at exceptional quality levels.  Heart surgery, eye surgery, orthopedic surgery are done in this country by highly trained specialists and the cost for these surgeries is the lowest in Europe. Even if medical tourism in Romania is mainly known for dental tourism , plastic surgery […]