Medical travel and tourism in Dominican Republic

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Dominican Republic.

Medical tourism in Romania:   Regarding medical tourism,  about 8,200 foreigners were treated in the hospitals and private clinics in Romania during 2014 and a medical traveler spends, on average, between 1,500 and 2,000 Euros for a medical intervention in Romania. One such tourist stays in Romania at least 14 days in a year, because without treatment itself will be back and for consultations. The average cost on accommodation and […]

Medical travel in Dominican Republic

Medical tourism in  Dominican Republic , Traveler Support: Map of Dominican Republic Country information Explore Dominican Republic Visa information Dominican Republic passport and visa requirements Cost of living in Dominican Republic How to call abroad First aid More information Currency Climate in Dominican Republic Weather Embassies and Consulates List of hospitals in North America You may also want to know about: Medical treatments / surgeries information Frequent questions