Medical travel and tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Malaysia.

Medical tourism in Romania : Medical tourism in Romania has the advantage of low cost, reputation, outstanding natural and human resources. The quality of health services , the beauty of tourism attractions are essential factors in choosing the medical tourism destination  and Romania excels in these factors. In Romania , there are 488 units / structures accommodation with 39,300 beds in spa resorts  (13%) and the average length of stay […]

Medical tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Malaysia is rising because Malaysia medical tourism has a lot of appeal as a medical tourism destination , international medical tourists are attracted by the Malaysia’s modern and high quality hospitals , skilled doctors trained in the U.S, U.K or Australia and by the important cost savings they can make on medical bills. Hospitals in Malaysia provide a full range of healthcare services including cosmetic and plastic […]

Medical tourism in Malaysia

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