Medical travel and tourism in Thailand

Medical travel in Thailand.

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Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Thailand.

Medical tourism in Romania: Medical tourism in Romania starts to develop . Various dental interventions, which are cheaper in this country, will bring more foreign tourists, who are interested in new technologies. They are offered  in addition to regular dental care and dentistry for children. Also advanced surgery is provided in Romania, including intervention where the teeth are put in the same day for  patients who have lost their teeth […]

Medical tourism in Thailand. Visit Chiang Rai.

  Medical tourism in Thailand. If you like trekking, Chiang Rai has a reputation as being the best place for trekking to Chiang Hai. By visiting Chiang Rai  during your medical tourism in Thailand  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday. Chiang Rai if the northernmost large city in Thailand and lies on the alluvial plain of the Mae Kok River , north of Bangkok. Chang Rai has […]

Medical tourism in Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand is highly developed with many JCI accredited hospitals that offer to international patients successful and modern medical facilities . The doctors and specialists in Thailand are trained in US or Europe and they perform medical treatments/ surgeries with affordable prices. Medical tourism in Thailand offers a full spectrum of quality healthcare options such as: dental care, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, eye surgery, cardiac care, weight loss […]