Medical travel and tourism in Romania

Medical travel in Romania.

Medical tourism in Romania, Traveler  Support: Map of Romania Country information Explore Romania Visa information Romania passport and visa requirements Cost of living in Romania Cost of living in Bucharest How to call abroad First aid Shopping, etiquette and more Currency Climate in Romania Weather Embassies and Consulates Wikipedia Romania List of hospitals in Europe   You may also want to know about : Medical tourism in Romania Medical treatments […]

Dental treatment in Romanian clinic.

Implantology in Romania: Our dentists specialists in implantology in Romania always will find the right solution for your teeth. For many patients who have lost their teeth through dental periodontal disease, infection, trauma, tumors, iatrogenic dental treatments, a dental implant is the only possibility to anchor fixed prosthetic works. By using dental implants,  conventional  dental bridges can be abandoned, requiring no sacrifice on  the vitality or treatment of neighboring teeth. […]

Medical tourism in Romania.

Why medical tourism in Romania ? Relatively new on the medical tourism market, medical tourism in Romania offers new modern clinics and hospitals where can be performed various medical treatments in maximum condition of safety. Popular treatments performed in Romania are: dental treatments , plastic surgery , cosmetic surgery, eye surgery , hip replacement, knee replacement , medical spa treatments , rehabilitation, reason why medical tourism in Romania begins to […]

Medical tourism in Romania. A visit in Danube Delta.

  Medical tourism in Romania, Danube Delta: Medical tourism in Romania. Danube Delta in  Romania, is a natural European  paradise , a real network of canals, lakes, islands and streams, forests with tropical aspect and an  amalgam of cultures and ethnicities, a wide variety of nature  creatures where peace lovers can find their refuge , hidden in the thickets of lakes and canals that bears you in a dream world […]

Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Alba Iulia fortress ( Alba Carolina).

Medical tourism in Romania, Alba Iulia, History and location: Medical tourism in Romania. The city Alba Iulia is located 340 km from Bucharest, capital of Romania. By visiting Alba Iulia fortress   during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday. Fortress Alba Iulia is a Vauban bastion built in the early eighteenth century in the medieval town of Alba Iulia  on the Citadel […]

Medical tourism in Romania. Visit Sibiu, medieval city in Transylvania.

Medical tourism in Romania, Sibiu, History and location: Medical tourism in Romania. Sibiu (known in Latin Cibinium in German Hermannstadt and in Hungarian Nagyszeben) is a major cultural and economic center of southern Transylvania, Romania, and has a population of 147,245 habitants. By visiting  Sibiu during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday. This city was a center of Saxon colonists settled […]

Medical tourism in Romania.To know about Bucharest.

Medical tourism in Romania, Bucharest, History, location, population: Medical tourism in Romania.Bucharest is situated in the south-eastern Romania, between Ploiesti at north and Giurgiu  to south. Bucharest is Romania’s capital and it is at the same time, the most populous city and the most important industrial and commercial center of the country. . By visiting Bucharest during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a […]

Medical tourism in Romania. About Brasov city.

Medical tourism in Romania, Brasov-History, location, population: Located in southeastern Transylvania, Romania,  Brasov is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The climate is temperate continental . Brasov, is one of the economic and cultural centers of Transylvania. It was documented in 1234 in the catalog Ninivensis named Corona and in the second half of the XIV century, it is confirmed as ecclesiastic and administrative center of Barsa (Corona, Kronstadt, Brasso).By […]

Medical travel. Medical tourism in Romania. Peles Castle.

Medical tourism in Romania, Peles castle location: Medical tourism in Romania. Peles castle is located in the Carpathian mountains , on Prahova Valley , in Sinaia, Romania – a small and beautiful mountain resort well known for winter sports. By visiting Peles castle during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday. Peles castle history: The castle was built by King  Carol I […]

Medical travel . Medical tourism in Romania . Cantacuzino castle.

Medical tourism in Romania, Cantacuzino castle location:  Medical tourism in Romania. Cantacuzino Castle is situated in Busteni resort , on Prahova Valley, Romania. By visiting Cantacuzino Castle  during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday. Cantacuzino castle history: The building , whose construction works were completed in 1911 , was conducted by the architect Gregory Cerchez at the request of Prince George Grigore […]