Chemical peeling for skin.

Chemical peeling for skin.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling


What is chemical peeling:

Chemical peeling is a cosmetic dermatology method used in order to remove dead cells from the skin to stimulate the function of the deeper layers.

How chemical peeling is done:

Chemical Peels (also known under the term of peeling) can be classified in two categories, depending on the action: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical peeling action uses exfoliating granules and abrasive particles contained in the various creams and masks applied with a natural light and superficial massage which removes dead cells from the skin. Chemical peeling, however, is based on the application to the skin of a chemical solution having a liquid or a cream-like consistency. After applying the solution, there is an allow time to penetrate the skin. Later, in 1 to 4 days, depending on the capacity of penetration of skin structures (this is specific to each creams), epidermis peeling process begins. The purpose of this procedure is to destroy and remove in a controlled manner and under the supervision of specialists, degraded parts of the skin to allow accelerate skin regeneration.

Chemical peeling complications:

As much as s chemical peeling is made deeper as more risks and possible complications involves.

The adverse effects of chemical peels can be:
– Erythema: a side effect that is common in many patients; gravity (in the sense of intensity) differs depending on the substances used and skin’s type. Duration can vary from several weeks to several months;
– Changes in the process of melanogenesis : disorders like hypo pigmentation or hyperpigmentation
– Scaling wounds;
– Allergic reactions to substances used;
– Infections (higher risk have those who have a history of rash herpetiformis);
– Modification of the sensitivity to the sun.

Chemical peeling benefits:

– diminishes wrinkles caused by photo-aging, natural aging or hereditary factors;
– diminishes wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, is beneficial for certain types of acne;
– diminishes warts, freckles, excess sebum, pigmentation spots;
– improves the skin texture and skin quality;


If you want to get rid of wrinkles and skin spots in a quickly,  non surgical manner , chemical peeling is for you.

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