Chin augmentation with implant. Mentoplasty.

Chin augmentation with implant. Mentoplasty.

Chin augmentation ; chin implant.

Chin augmentation ; chin implant.

What is chin augmentation with implant?

The chin is an important element of the physiognomy of a person, but sometimes its imperfections regarding shape, size or appearance, need adjustments, large or small, to get the best possible harmony between facial features.A chin implant surgery or mentoplasty is a surgery which alter the shape and size of the chin. Chin augmentation procedure aims at achieving a balanced profile, matching the nose and the chin. With this intervention in the area of plastic surgery, a larger chin can be reduced to a suitable size, while a too small chin (micrognathia) can be, on the contrary, increased by means of implants. Chin augmentation is usually done in order to get a balanced aspect of physiognomy, by lengthening the chin, compared to the size of the nose. Before the intervention itself is therefore a detailed study of the patient, the cephalometric measurements and radiological exploration to determine the exact desired outcome  of the following surgery .

Chin augmentation types, materials , risks and benefits:

Mentoplasty is performed after local anesthesia, which numbs the area around the chin. When it’s done with other operations, general anesthesia may be used and then the patient will fall asleep during surgery. One of the approaches of the chin augmentation surgery involves making an incision behind the lower lip, along the gum to get access to the mandible (chin bone). After this step, the surgeon will make an horizontal section through the mandible, which is pushed forward and fastened with wire or screw threads. Because the incision is made in the gum base, no scars will be visible on the outside. When necessary a lesser degree of chin augmentation, your doctor may use bone tissue , implants or silicone, teflon or dacron. For this procedure the incision can be made either in the mouth or on the outside under the chin. Before a chin pocket is created , the doctor will place the implant or bone. The incision is then closed and it will be applied a pressure dressing. By an external incision the scar is negligible. The chin augmentation procedure itself takes one to three hours to complete, depending upon the complexity. Chin augmentation risks are : infection, implant shifting, implanted material requiring removal, bleeding, bruising, numbness around the chin region, and facial nerve damage can occur . As benefits of chin augmentation we can say there are:  mentoplasty can actually make the nose appear smaller and an improved facial balance and shape.


Chin augmentation can enhance your facial appearance by correcting the facial features. If a chin augmentation surgery is combined with rhinoplasty, you can improve your overall facial appearance.

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