Cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments.

Medical tourism in Romania.Dental tourism.

Medical tourism in Romania.Dental tourism.

The best dental procedures you already don’t use to have a beautiful smile:

– Teeth whitening : it is one of the dental procedures that in only 60 minutes you can obtain an impressive change of your teeth  appearance and improve considerably your smile. Due to certain food , beverages or improper dental hygiene it is possible to want to restore the color of your teeth using dental bleaching or teeth whitening.

– Composite bonding: it is one of the dental procedures that it helps you to easily improve discolored, decayed , chopped, or broken teeth and to correct the appearance of your teeth. For this, a specially formulated composite material is applied into the tooth cavity. This composite dental material looks similar with your dentin and enamel and to harden this applied composite material, the dentist will use a high-intensity beam or laser. This way will be done a proper teeth restoration.

– Inlays and onlays: there are dental procedures that they are also called indirect filling and are made from composite or porcelain material. They last longer and it helps treating decayed teeth or other tooth structural damages.

The onlay is made in the dental laboratory and after this is fitted with an adhesive into desired place.

– Veneers: there are dental procedures that  help you to replace cracks and chips that make teeth ugly and also to fill the gaps between teeth or to give a whiten appearance to your teeth. Dental veneers are made of porcelain or composite resin.

– Smile makeovers:  there are dental procedures that they help you to improve your overall appearance and they usually involve more than one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures such as: veneers, crowns, teeth whitening , or other methods and dental procedures to help you obtain a perfect smile. In most cases, for a better effect, a smile makeover involves both the upper and the lower jaw.

– Dental implants: it is one of the dental procedures that if you have lost one or more teeth, these artificial teeth replacement procedures can have a very impressive results because they help you to improve your appearance and at the same time they make you look younger. This artificial teeth replacement can be used as a prosthetic or artificial replacement , dental treatment.

– Full mouth reconstruction techniques: this is a complex treatment because involves full mouth reconstruction , including teeth, bone structure, muscles, etc. These dental procedures may sound difficult and painful but it is not this way because modern  dentistry has now all the necessary advancements and makes easy all dental treatments and dental procedures  no matter their complexity.


If you have bad teeth and  want an aesthetic smile , in function of your needs you can choose together with the dentist the dental procedure that suits you the best.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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Dental tourism in Romania.

Dental tourism in Romania.

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