Cosmetic dentistry. What is a smile makeover ?

Cosmetic dentistry. What is a smile makeover ?

Cosmetic dentistry,Smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry.Smile makeover.

What is a smile makeover ?

Teeth can tell your age…that is, only if you let them. A cosmetic smile makeover can subtract years from your appearance. This smile makeover involves non-surgical modifications , where the smile is broadened, teeth are brightened , and the lips are made to appear fuller. As people get older , their lips usually lose elasticity and become thin, wrinkles develop , and their face begins to show their age. Smile design takes into account the entire picture, where the lips and gums act as the frame for the aesthetically enhanced teeth. Just as different frames complement different paintings, the design and modifications of one’s smile are considered on an individual basis. The focus is to improve the entire smile. Fixing just one or two teeth is like renovating one or two houses on a block. It makes everything else look worse.

Esthetic dentistry is not patchwork :

It is important to concentrate on the entire smile. The dental profession is currently undergoing an esthetic revolution , where new materials, techniques and equipment have enabled the dental practitioner to produce high quality, high esthetic restorations that are predictable and minimally invasive. While some people may turn to their plastic surgeon for a face-lift , the cosmetic smile makeover may eliminate the need for that in some cases.

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