Cyberknife cancer treatment.

Cyberknife cancer treatment.

Cyberknife system

Cyberknife system

What is cyberknife cancer treatment?

CyberKnife cancer treatment is used in small tumors and it is recommended  in soft tissue, for example, brain tumors, prostate, pancreas, liver or lung.

 CyberKnife is the future in radiotherapy. Cyberknyfe Radiosurgery is a non-surgical latest technology based on sending small pulses of radiation from several different angles, so they reduce radiation exposure to healthy tissue near the tumor. Instead of applying a massive dose of radiation, the CyberKnife robotic arm beam emits low doses of radiation that enters in the body through more than 1,200 different angles. The purpose of this is to maximize its exposure by hitting the cancerous tissue with large amounts of low intensity beams. The major advantage of this innovation is the fact that surrounding healthy tissue remains intact, because the beams of radiation passing through it are in small dose. Cyberknife is a system that allows complete radiosurgical painless treatment of tumors located in any area of the body and can be done outpatient. CyberKnife technology precision exceeds classical radiology,  inaccessible tumors using  this technique can be successfully irradiated.

Cyberknife therapy :

Cyberknife treats tumors under four inches and CyberKnife treatment technique involves three steps. The first step consists in assess the patient with an interdisciplinary team made up of radiologists, specialists in general surgery and oncologists who determine eligibility for this type of cancer treatment. The main criteria to be taken into account at this stage is the  tumor size, which must be less than four inches and  tumor localization. The second stage consists in preparing the patient for therapy and depends on the location of the tumor. A session lasts up to two hours. Depending on the complexity of the case, the CyberKnife cancer treatment can take between 30 minutes and two hours. Usually requires several sessions with the CyberKnife radiation. The short treatment consists of two sessions of radiation, and on average, it takes five consecutive sessions till the treatment is complete. CyberKnife can be done in outpatients without requiring hospitalization.

What CyberKnife system can treat?

Cyberknife cancer treatment is a therapy for: Malignant tumors / Primary ( astrocytomas, carcinomas, gliomas, lung, pancreas) / Metastases (brain and bony) / Benign tumors / Intracranial tumors and lesions / Acoustic neuroma/Vestibular schwannoma / Anaplastic astrocytoma / Schwannoma / Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) / Craniopharyngioma / Pituitary adenoma / DNET / Ependymoma / Epidural hematoma / Gangliocytoma / Germinoma / Glioblastoma multiforme / Glioma / Glomus jugulare tumor / Hemangioblastoma / Meningioma / Neurocytoma / Neurofibroma / Neurofibromatosis / Oligodendroglioma / PNET / Trigeminal neuralgia / Extracranial tumors and lesions / Base of skull / Neck / Cervical Spine / Thoracic Spine / Lumbar Spine / Pancreas / Liver / Lungs / Kidney / Sacral Spine / Other lesions, tumors.

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