Dental care for mother and child. Dentist tips.

Dental care for mother and child. Dentist tips.


Can I visit my dentist during my pregnancy?

If you visit the dentist for a routine intervention, it is advisable to receive dental treatment during the second trimester of pregnancy. Major procedures, as dental reconstruction or surgery are recommended after birth.

How can dental radiographs affect me during pregnancy?

Dental radiographies are secure during pregnancy. You and your fetus are protected. However, the physician does not recommend the radiographies unless necessary. The radiographies and treatments should be postponed and rescheduled after the birth.

Why do my gums bleed?

During pregnancy, your gums might become inflamed and bleed due to the hormonal changes that occur in your body. This means that you must maintain a strict oral hygiene and visit your dentist on a regular basis. You can visit the dentist for deep cleaning and for receiving advice regarding the oral cleaning at home.

Can pregnancy damage my teeth?

Rumors according to which pregnancy might cause calcium lose. means losing one tooth , are false.

Can I stay with my child during the visit to the dentist?

The children under 3 must be supervised, as this makes the intervention easier. However, if the parent is not present, the relation between the doctor and child can develop better.

When do the child’s teeth erupt?

The teeth of the baby begin erupting at the age of 6 months and continue until all 20 teeth appear. Around the age of six, the second round of teeth start erupting, until all the permanent teeth appear, except the wisdom teeth. The process stops around the age of 14.

Is the teeth eruption painful?

Most of the children experience pain. The babies can get fever; their cheeks turn red and warm. There are special creams that can be used for easing the pain. They contain light sedatives. You can smear your finger with cream and massage the baby’s gums smoothly.

When do I take my baby to the dentist first?

Regarding this issue, it is advisable to talk to your dentist about it, but you can take your child with you for the routine visit. This can make your baby feel comfortable within this environment. The dentist will provide advice, will prescribe medicine for dental pain and answer all your questions. The visits of the baby to the dentist can start around the age of 18 months.

When should I start cleaning my child’s teeth?

Children cannot clean their teeth correctly until the age of 7. Therefore, they need help. As soon as teeth will erupt, they have to be cleaned. Even if you are very busy taking care of the baby, do not forget to take care of your own teeth too.

How do I clean the baby’s teeth?

As soon as the child’s teeth erupt, they need to be cleaned. At the beginning you can use a piece of clean gauze that you rap around your finger and use it as a brush. As more teeth erupt, you have to use a special baby brush. Use a drop of toothpaste with fluoride, massaging the baby’s teeth and gums. If you keep the baby’s head in your arms, in front of you, this procedure becomes easier. As the baby grows, this technique becomes harder to perform, but progressively you can give your baby the responsibility of cleaning his teeth alone. For the child it is important to brush teeth twice a day. Talk to your dentist or with your personal physician if you have problems regarding the baby’s teeth brushing.

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