Dental clinic in Romania

Dental clinic in Romania


Dental clinic in Romania , description:

Dental clinic in Romania, Intelident,  where patients find the perfect balance between dental professionalism, undeniable quality of dental materials and equipment. This dental clinic, has flexibility of treatment plans that are intelligently adjusted to the client needs.  A valuable choice for your dental tourism in Romania,  trip or dental holidays. Dental clinic  position: downtown  Bucharest, Romania. Foreign languages spoken  in dental clinic : English,Spanish, German . In this modern  and  quality  dental clinic in Romania you’ll find out good dentists and affordable dental treatment plans. We invite you to explore  dental treatment prices below for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and more. After reviewing your dental reports, our team of dentists in Romania who offers dental services in this dental clinic,  will  be informed about your dental problems and they will estimate a course of your dental treatment.  Based on this , we will then estimate the cost of the entire process of dental tourism in Romania

Note: Therapeutic and surgical indication, the optimal solution for each patient will be determined by dentists from the dental clinic  and this thing requires the patient’s presence in dental clinic for consultation. Any documents or photos sent in advance for evaluation are for information only and cannot replace the consultation in the dental clinic in Romania. The solution for treatment, risks and costs communicated via email are estimative. Dentists in the dental clinic  in Romania reserve the right to refuse people without surgical/treatment indication, or who have significant risks or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the dental surgery/ treatment.


Dentist price list, in dental clinic in Romania:

  Price list EURO
Dental prophylaxis  
Dental Package (ultrasounds scaling, professional brushing, airflow, fluoridation) € 34
Metal-ceramic crown € 114
Zirconium-ceramic crown € 250
Full ceramic crown – EMAX € 250
Inlay ceramic € 114
Inlay Zirconium € 159
Temporary acrylic crown (done by the clinic) € 11
Temporary acrylic crown (done by the technicians) € 18
Removal of existing crowns € 11
Crown-root device remova € 23
Metal post (crown-root device) € 34
Fiberglass post (crown-root device) € 34
Zirconium post (crown-root device) € 125
Full acrylic denture € 227
Partial acrylic denture € 182
Flexible denture € 307
Kemmeny denture € 52
Skeletal prosthesis € 568
Dental aesthetics
Professional dental whitening € 159
EMAX dental veneers € 250
Facial Aesthetics
Hyaluronic Acid / 1ml syringe € 205
BIO HORIZONS Dental Implant (USA) € 500
STRAUMANN Dental Implant (Switzerland) € 700
Sinus lift € 455
Metal-ceramic crown on implant € 205
Zirconium-ceramic crown on implant € 318
Bone addition € 455
Simple extraction – single-root tooth € 23
Simple extraction – multi-root tooth € 30
Simple extraction – mobile parodontotic tooth € 16
Simple extraction – erupted wisdom tooth € 45
Surgical extraction – semiincluded molar € 68
Surgical extraction – included molar € 91
Surgical extraction – semiincluded premolar € 68
Cystectomy € 45
Premolarisation € 45
Apical resection – front teeth € 68
Apical resection – premolars € 80
Apical resection – molars € 91
Regularization of the alveolar flange € 34
Dental abscess incision € 23
Revealing and sustaining included tooth € 68
Gingival scaling / tooth € 23
Anti-inflammatory treatment /arcade € 11
Flap surgery – Treatment of bone resorption (EMDOGAIN) – without material € 91
Flap surgery – Treatment of gingival recession / tooth (without material) € 114
Immobilization of Periodontic teeth / arcade –  fiberglass device € 68
Root canal treatment for single-root tooth (includes root canal filling) € 57
Root canal  treatment for multi-root tooth (includes root canal filling) € 80
Root canal re-treatment for single-root tooth (includes root canal filling) € 80
Root canal re-treatment for multi-root tooth (includes root canal filling) € 100
Fixed orthodontic device – metallic brackets / arcade € 432
Fixed orthodontic device – ceramic brackets / arcade € 591
Fixed orthodontic device – Safire brackets / arcade € 659
Self-link fixed orthodontic device – metallic brackets /arcade € 568
Self-link fixed orthodontic device – ceramic brackets /arcade € 682
Lingual technique braces – INCOGNITO / arcade € 2,045
Fixed orthodontic device control / arcade € 16
Mobile orthodontic device/arcade € 182
Mobile orthodontic device control / arcade € 11
Lingual bar € 80
Disruptors € 205
Collated retainer € 68
Positioner € 68
Activator € 205
Composite filling – small € 23
Composite filling – medium € 27
Composite filling – large € 34
Aesthetic composite filling – front tooth € 34
Comprehensive new patient examination (includes dental status assessment, treatment plan and price estimation) € 11
Specialist consultation (Orthodontics, Surgery, Periodontology) € 16
Emergency dental treatment € 16

Each dental treatment plan in this dental clinic in Romania is especially adjusted to each patient’s problems and can be customized at any time, based on the patient’s evolution as well as from a financial perspective.

They value long associations. They commit their skills to effective dental treatment in Romania, they offer advice and provide intervention dental plans at the lowest price, they execute regular dental inspections and maintenance procedures. THey are loyal to their customers. And they reward customer loyalty.

They have effective dental  equipment, they always use the highest quality materials, dentists of highest rank in Romania and, last but not least, they work with finesse and skill. They speak clearly, concisely and frankly and they always keep their word. Their are lighthearted and they  are reliable.

They are constantly and persistently seeking the best dental treatment methods, they come up with the most up-to-date plans and schemes for maintenance and prevention, they bring the best dental materials and they work with a team of top dentists in Romania. Because they know there is more to it than drilling!

First of all, they don’t just hear their patients. They listen to their patients. They examine the  dental problem from their perspective and They treat them just like they would like to be treated. Their success is based on the fact that, in time, ‘us’ becomes ‘you’.


Contact us for the dental treatment or surgical procedure you wish for in this dental clinic in Romania and we will answer you in the shortest time possible.

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Dental clinic in Romania 4

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Dental clinic in Romania 5

Dental clinic in Romania

Dental clinic in Romania

Dental clinic in Romania testimonials:

Andrew S. from UK
“I am very happy”

“Here in the UK, you can only get Metal fillings on the NHS, which cost about £20 each – so for the same price as 3 Metal fillings on the NHS, I received 3 composite fillings, scaling, brushing etc. It was a better standard of treatment than my dentist here in the UK and nothing was too much trouble, although I did find some trouble parking the rental car at first. Financially I am very happy as the difference in costs paid for the airfare from Heathrow to Bucharest and I had a short break. For Advanced treatments, I can see that the savings would cover the airfare hotel and more and I will be going back whenever I can.”

Daniel from Dubai

“I’m from Dubai. I have searched for a dentist for years and have always been disappointed. If the dentist was good, the staff was bad. If the price was right, the dentist was not. I found the total package at I.,Romania and the staff was everything I’ve wanted to find!!!! I’m no longer afraid to make- and keep- my dental appointments.I can’t wait to return in Romania to check my teeth”

Annie Kinane from UK

“My experience at I. was exceptional. “

“The treatment I received was completed within a short time frame and was completed to a very high standard. The cost of the treatment was also very impressive and I have no doubts that I will be back in Bucharest to recieve more treatment in the future. My doctor was delightful throughout all of my treatment- explaining all processes and options available to me as we went along. She was very easy to talk to and understanding of the complications involved with my treatment and the time in which it could be completed. My confidence in the clinic and the services they provide continues to increase. I cannot recommend choosing this clinic enough- I am sure you will not regret it.”

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