Dental Clinic Romania

Dental Clinic Romania

Dental clinic in Romania with best dental specialists and cheap dental prices. Your best choice for your dental travel, cosmetic dentistry and dental care in Romania. Dental clinic in Romania position: downtown  Bucharest; Foreign languages spoken in the dental clinic: English. It is one of the best dental clinics in Romania, ideal for any type of dental treatment. After reviewing your dental reports, our team of dentists in Romania who provides dental services in this dental clinic,  will  be informed about your dental issues and they will estimate a course of your dental treatment.  Based on this , we will then estimate the cost of the entire process of dental tourism in Romania

Note: Therapeutic and surgical indication, the optimal solution for each patient will be determined by dentists from the dental clinic in Romania and this thing requires the patient’s presence in dental clinic for consultation. Any documents or photos sent in advance for evaluation are for information only and cannot replace the consultation in the dental clinic in Romania. The solution for treatment, risks and costs communicated via email are estimative. Dentists in the dental clinic  in Romania reserve the right to refuse people without surgical/treatment indication, or who have significant risks or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the dental surgery/ treatment.



Consultation 15
Emergency 15
Light-curing composite fillings 25-55
Removal of old fillings 5.5
Special retaining systems 15
Dental sealing 15
Calcium hydroxide capping 15
Glass ionomer fillings 20
Injection anaesthesia 5
Devital Nital extirpation with canal filling-monoradicular-multirooted 30-40
Pulp gangrene treatment with canal filling-monoradicular-multirooted 35-40
Filling removal and refilling (per canal) 15
Dental radiography 5.5
Radiology exposure 2.5
Aesthetic tooth treatment- Fluoridation (per session)- Professional AIR FLOW brushing- Scaling – both dental arches 252-340
Whitening ZOOM (USA) treatment in dental consulting room 400
Whitening treatment OPALESCENCE (USA), individual kit+ splints 190
Cauterizations 10
Periodontal abscess treatment ( per session) 15
Subgingival curettage (per tooth) 35
Consultation 17
Teeth extraction-monoradicular-mutirooted 30-40
Gingival suture 17
Anaesthesia 5
Alveolotomy 55-80
Apicotomy 70-110
Root amputation 55-80
Premolarization 70
Third molars odontectomy-semi-impacted-impacted 55-80;95-110
Maxillary canine impaction 110
Supernumerary teeth impaction 110
Cystectomy-with apicotomy-with teeth extraction 80-120;70-95
Operculectomy 30
Gingivectomy per tooth 30
Extirpation of epulis 55
Intraoral extirpation of calculi 55
Soft  tissue interventions 70-95
Biopsy 30
Impacted tooth uncovering 70
Mucous fibre uncovering 70
Frenectomy / Frenuloplasty / Frenotomy 55 – 80
Gingivo-alveoloplasty (hemi-arch) 55-80
Dental implants (piece) 600
Complete and subtotal denture 310
Elastic denture 465
Kemeny denture 95
Denture rebasing-in consulting-room-in laboratory 40-60
Denture repairing 45
Denture fracture repairing on the denture ( per piece) 5
Replacement of a tooth on the denture 30
Acrylic aesthetic crown 30
Remanium element 47
Remanium- acrylic semi-aesthetic crown 47
Zirconium crown (without metallic holder) 26
Ceramic fully aesthetic crown (with metallic holder) 140
Corono-radicular reconstruction-in laboratory-in consulting-room 47-40
Skeletal denture (base) 465
Special aggregation elements (per element) 125
Skeletal denture on titanium 800
Compressed ceramic element ( without metallic holder) 220
Bruxism splint 47
Whitening splint (piece) 32
Temporary acrylic crown 32
Reconstruction of facing-acrylic-composite 15-30
Works on implants-classic ceramics-zirconium 250-290
Acrylic crown ablation 7
Metallic crown ablation 15
Cementation per element- with Adhesor-with ionomer 6
Consultation 15
Gangrene treatment with canal filling-monoradicular-multirooted 1515
Dental sealing 15
Calcium hydroxide capping 15
Zinc -oxide eugenol capping 15
Endodontic drainage 15
Sedative dressing 15
Glass ionomer fillings 15
Deciduous tooth extraction 15
Removable appliance/dental arch 230
Fixed appliance with metallic brackets / dental arch 600
Fixed appliance with sapphire brackets / dental arch 1600
Arch replacement 55
Appliance repair in laboratory 55
Consultation 25
Removable appliance examination 15
Fixed appliance examination 25


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