Dental treatment in Romanian clinic.

Dental treatment in Romanian clinic.

Dental treatment in Romania

Dental treatment in Romania

Implantology in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in implantology in Romania always will find the right solution for your teeth. For many patients who have lost their teeth through dental periodontal disease, infection, trauma, tumors, iatrogenic dental treatments, a dental implant is the only possibility to anchor fixed prosthetic works. By using dental implants,  conventional  dental bridges can be abandoned, requiring no sacrifice on  the vitality or treatment of neighboring teeth. Prosthetic dental implant restorations have demonstrated superior qualities, functional and psychological , that can benefit their wearers: developing a sense of freedom, the opportunity to have the desired speech phonation , flawless smile without any restriction, a condition much improved  of personal health, physical attraction, trust and an  emotional reward.

Also, with the help of  dental implants, patients with congenital anodontia, advanced age patients with advanced alveolar ridge atrophy, patients with advanced periodontal disease and those with osteoporosis have found their dental problem solving.

Indications for dental implants were widened in recent decades, thanks to new techniques of conservation and alveolar ridge reconstruction. Bone regeneration conducted a series of bone grafting techniques and new products in the field have been documented, ensuring a high success rate in the hands of experienced practitioners. Over the years, retrospective studies have demonstrated the safety and efficiency of prosthetic dental implants treatments in different clinical situations.

Cosmetic dentistry in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in cosmetic dentistry will find solutions for all types of  teeth  issues . Aesthetic dentistry is a dental specialty that records an increasing success, as this specialty service  become more accessible and, besides rehabilitation of aesthetics also  improves the  maxillary functions. Cosmetic dentistry procedures done in Romanian dental clinics include removal of plaque and stains , odontoplasty  or cosmetics – reshaping of  an existing fillings,  supragingiva scaling ,  microabrasion,  whitening in the dental office, dental veneers,  ceramic dental crowns, dental bonding, tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic surgery of the gums, tooth jewelery, remodeling the teeth enamel. We often find that improved physical appearance raises self-confidence and the smile is the first things noticed in a person, so in Romania we are able to create  beautiful teeth, turned into a successful business card. In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry offers in Romania any treatment that results in cosmetics of dental arches and getting a pleasant smile.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems . Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the specialty of dentistry that aims to research the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment / disease prevention and to do the oral – maxillofacial surgery . Maxillofacial Surgery involves  larger interventions such as fractures in oro-maxillofacial region tumors, etc. These surgeries require hospitalization and closer supervision. The oral surgery dental procedures include non-surgical tooth extraction – tooth or tooth fragments, surgical tooth extraction – tooth erupted, surgery for  prosthetic purposes: alveolectomie, alveoplastie, tissue excision and repositioning,  cyst marsupialization in the mouth, surgical exposure of tooth , surgical repositioning of a tooth ,repositioning and immobilize a sprained tooth,tooth replantation and splinting, dental transplanting , additional surgery performed during surgery , incision and drainage of an abscess or cyst in the mouth;  frenectomy, suture of a nerve trunk in a dental surgery,  intraoral suture, treatment of fractures , maxillo-mandibular emergency.

Odontology in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in odontology in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems . Odontology is the dental specialty that treats caries and those not edging lesions – fractures, dystrophies,  dental wear. The  therapy is a dental restoration that restores integrity side of the prosthetics of teeth. Prosthetic restorations can be direct – fillings, or indirect – unidental and pluridental (inlays, crowns, bridges). Restorative dentistry procedures include metal fillings, esthetic fillings, inlay or indirect restorations – inlay and onlay (partial crown), veneers,crowns and bridges.

Prosthesis in Romania :

Our dentists specialists in odontology in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems .Prosthetic dentistry is a specialized area of dentistry which refers to individual dental reconstruction ,both in appearance and function. However,  dentition should be repaired with the help of prosthetic when those teeth are missing or are damaged.  Dental prosthetics is not just about the look and aesthetics. A reconstruction oro-facial is also needed. In this direction, dental prosthetics involve: phonation or sounds in speaking, chewing or our ability to masticate food and maxillofacial protection from the effects of bruxism – the  individuals habit to grind during the speech and not only.

Orthodontics in Romania :

Our dentists specialists in orthodontics in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of malocclusions and correct positioning of the teeth on dental arches. Orthodontic treatment is the use of braces to align teeth properly. The orthodontist, using mobile or fixed orthodontic appliances arranges teeth in their correct position. Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, especially adults appreciate the benefits of a more beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment is performed to improve the overall image of the face, the teeth and gums health and the satisfactory operation of the masticatory apparatus. The decision of wearing  dental braces is associated with the  choice of the preferred orthodontic device type. Sometimes, selecting the type of braces belongs to the patient and he can choose between a variety of fixed dental appliances, from the metal to the ceramic, sapphire or even “invisible” braces.

Endodontics in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in endodontics in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems. Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the treatment and healing of dental pulp (nerve) and ligaments supporting the root tip. Although any dentist can perform endodontic treatment, patients often are referred to a physician with practice limited to endodontics, when it is found the treatment is complicated or difficult than usual. Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected usually due to a deep cavity, of a stretch crown restorations (fillings), fractures or cracks in the enamel, or as a result of trauma suffered by the tooth. If timely action is not taken pain may get worse, going as to  the abscess formation.

Pedodontics in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in pedodontics in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems. Pediatric dentistry is the dental specialty that takes into account specific dental prophylaxis and treatment of disorders of temporary and permanent dentition in children and adolescents. Pediatric dentistry includes  also prophylactic treatments (fluoridation, sealing, etc.) as caries prevention is as important as their treatment . Some diseases of milk teeth can cause disorders in the development and eruption of permanent teeth, with repercussions on the entire dental-appliance jaw.

Periodontology in Romania:

Our dentists specialists in periodontology in Romania, will find solutions for all types of  teeth  problems  Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases affecting periodontal – tissue,  that holds alveolar teeth ridge: gum, bone, dental-alveolar ligament, cement and the tooth itself. The periodontal disease is a periodontal bacterial infections. These microbial agents coming from plaque attack and destroy the gums and bone, action resulting in tooth loss. Periodontal diseases are : induced  gingiva diseases or plaque,  chronic periodontitis, aggressive periodontitis,  periodontal  diseases as manifestations of systemic diseases, necrotic periodontal disease: gingivitis and periodontitis ulceronecrosis,  periodontal abscess, gingival and periodontal pericoronitis,  periodontitis associated with endodontic lesion.

Dental propthilaxis in Romania:

 Most patients present themselves  to the dentist when they have severe pain that does not respond to analgesics or when there are dental abscesses. In these cases, anesthesia are less effective than normal, the patient is completely numb during surgery and the fear remains. It would be better and  less traumatic if the patients would present themselves  to the dentist for a check, even if they do not have any pain. A dental examination performed every 6 months can relieve us from so unwanted pain and a long and complicated dental treatment. An equally important role  has a correct and consistent dental hygiene. Mandatory tooth brushing should be performed twice a day accompanied by the use of cleaning aids: floss and mouthwash.

Dental radiology in Romania:

Most dentists recommend  dental radiographs before starting  a dental treatment.A dental radiography is required because provides essential details for establishing a fair diagnosis. Dental radiography is the generic name that includes many  types of radiography, dental radiographs most commonly recommended being : retro alveolar radiography (periapical) and panoramic radiography.

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