Diabetes , a disease that lasts a lifetime.

Diabetes , a disease that lasts a lifetime.



Signs of diabetes:

The most common signs of diabetes and symptoms of blood glucose variations are: palpitations (palpitations can occur both when glucose variations appears (eg in diabetes) but also in other diseases, such as heart disease or obesity; dizziness, tremors,  faint feeling (this symptom can occur when blood sugar is so high that the patient  is risking  to enter in coma); fatigue ( glucose disorders affecting the brain, and general metabolism of the body); difficulty in  concentration; excessive thirst; night sweats; frequent  mood changes ; tendency towards depression; anxiety; nervousness; outbursts of anger; crying; drowsiness after meals,  increased appetite for sweets.


Diabetes test:

Blood sugar test can prevent diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that lasts a lifetime. Non-diagnosis of diabetes in time for a person at risk of  diabetes disease is a major problem for his state of health. Fortunately, 9 of 10 cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented, so glucose test is extremely important. A blood glucose test indicates blood glucose levels in a certain time of day. Blood glucose levels varies every day under the influence of several factors.  Blood glucose test allows you to notice if you follow the diet, medication and exercise that helps to maintain blood sugar balance. Blood glucose testing is very important to make sure that you follow an effective treatment . A good blood sugar balance helps to reduce the risk of eye disease and kidney and nerve damage likely to occur due to diabetes.


Diabetes treatment:

Diabetes is a chronic, disabling and costly disease, after which serious complications can occur in the body. The body can not produce enough insulin or can not use the insulin it produces. The body needs insulin to convert the sugar from food into energy. Treatment of diabetes includes two types of interventions: those who have the role to maintain the blood glucose within certain limits and those with  the role to reduce the risks for complications in addition to balance  blood glucose levels. Along with diet and physical activity, the main treatments used to maintain blood glucose levels are tablets, insulin or both.There are also and  other modern treatments, “oral agents” although administered by injection (not insulin), the basic principle of treatment is to correct the present anomalies.


Diabetes types:

In type 1 diabetes, should be corrected the total absence of insulin in the body. The insulin should be administered in a manner as close to as a healthy pancreas does. A good imitation of the action of a  normal pancreas requires detailed notions about diet, exercise, and other individual characteristics.

In type 2 diabetes, there are two problems: decreased insulin production and the faulty use (insulin resistance). According to these defects, the main treatment with oral antidiabetes are grouped  in therapies  which stimulate insulin secretion, therapies that help to make better use of insulin, and insulin treatment.


Diabetes cure:

The main drug in the treatment of diabetes, metformin (included in  therapies that contribute to the good use of insulin), has many beneficial actions, reason why it is recommended together with the insulin. Other treatments (not including the insulin treatment) are currently quite exceptional (pancreas transplantation) or  stem cell transplantation ( yet not very successful).

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