Double chin removal

Double chin removal

Double chin removal

Double chin removal

What is double chin:

Double chin can be a fold of skin filled with fat. This occurs more frequently in people who have excess of weight but not only. May occur in people with small chin or a chin located further back than it should be.

 Double chin removal procedures:

If there is a fat excess, a facial liposuction can be done, consisting of extracting the surplus of fat. As well you can use the laser to remove excess of fat. Sometimes, to get good results, may be used and more complex rejuvenation technique, such as a facelift. The double chin removal procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, most often under general anesthesia. In young people, the skin should not be excised because it retires after liposuction. Investigations for double chin correction are blood count (number of red and white blood cells), coagulation, glucose, urea, ESR, transaminases, bilirubin, ECG and blood pressure measurement. Before 10 days of intervention you should stop any anticoagulant or anti-inflammatory treatment or medicines that contain aspirin. The day before surgery it is recommended to eat light and 6 hours before surgery do not eat or drink anything. Postoperatively it is placed a special elastic bandage to wear 3-6 weeks. The bandage helps to restore skin evenly and prevents edema amplification. Postoperative edema is solved in 3-4 weeks and the final result is visible in 6 weeks. In the first 2 days after double chin removal is recommended to sleep on the back only to prevent the formation of postoperative swelling or bruising. Sutures are usually taken off in 12-14 days after surgery. Possible complications: hematoma, seroma, temporary changes in skin sensibility, small bumps on skin. The activity can be resumed after about 72 hours, depending on the scale of intervention. Office activities can be resumed after seven days and those involving excessive physical effort after a month.


Following double chin removal intervention you will achieve a better contour of the mandible, the chin will be sharp and narrow , the neck will look younger and larger.

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