Emax or Zirconium for my dental veneers ?

Emax or Zirconium for my dental veneers ?


Dental crowns in Romania

Dental crowns in Romania

What are Zirconium veneers:

 A dental veneer is a thin ceramic product that is applied to each tooth and the result has a very beautiful and correct anatomy of the teeth. One of the challenges of modern dentistry is to restore the teeth with a biocompatible material that is sufficiently robust to withstand the forces of chewing.  Now there is an aesthetic, strong, pure, biocompatible (absolutely bio-inertial) material, which has revolutionized the work in aesthetics and dental prosthetics : zirconia. The zirconium  dental veneers  helps you to have a nice smile with white and aligned teeth. Depending on the case and the indication, the natural teeth will undergo minor changes. The facets , sometimes called “veneer”, are indicated in discoloration (unsightly colors), dysmorphic features (short teeth or malformed), in correcting bad moderate dental alignments and moderate gingival smiles, in repairing some small fractures. The veneers  will be glued to your natural teeth , restoring a smile once masked by the fear of discovering an imperfect teeth. Why zirconium ? The zirconium is something that has very interesting properties for cosmetic  dentistry. Once transformed, he has the appearance of a white ceramic with a shade more lighted  and giving to the tooth a whiteness than the simple oral care does not provide. Moreover, zirconia is a biocompatible material. This will mean that her interactions with the body are positive, and thus having dental veners in this material is not likely to alter the teeth and more generally the whole mouth.

What are EMAX veneers:

     EMAX represents a major advance in the field of restorative and aesthetics dentistry, particularly because of the fact that this material combines high aesthetics with superior strength. Crowns, dental veneers  and all-ceramic  restorations, made with EMAX, look natural and contain no metallic substance. Depending on the result you want to achieve, your dentist will advise you on the option that works best, whether crowns, veneers, bridges or implants. EMAX  has become the all-ceramic material most  used. This patented material is based on over ten years of clinical use with a success rate of 98.2% and they can be applied  now with little to no tooth preparation.  The dentist will have to take wax molds of your teeth and send them off to a lab so the veneers can be created and can last 15 to 20+ years if properly cared for. The EMAX  restorations can be used to correct: stained teeth or whose color has been altered , misaligned teeth , cracked or chipped  teeth, decayed tooth , ancient metal restorations, the shape of the teeth , and many other problems. It is good to know that E-max dental veneers still have superior aesthetics over zirconia as a veneer material.


Because the beauty  of our smile began to concern ourselves  more and more, the dental veneers are becoming  a popular option of aesthetic dentistry. If you have blunt, chipped, transparent, demineralized teeth, an uncertain color, you have vast spaces between  your teeth  or other minor orthodontic problems and do not want to suffer the pangs of braces, if you are complexed by your smile although you have spent a generous glimpse of life on the dentist’s chair, now you can solve all these problems by using dental veneers.

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