Healthy drinks. Acacia syrup.

Healthy drinks. Acacia syrup.



Ingredients for Acacia syrup:

1.5 kg acacia flowers

1kg sugar (or honey)

3 sachets vanilla sugar

3l water

1 sachet lemon salt

Peel a lemon

Preparation  of acacia flowers syrup:

Individual wash all the flowers picked, or leave them in water for at least half an hour after which rinse them.  Put them to boil  like for a tea, and let them boil for 20 minutes. Cover and let  this tea this way until the next day.

In a saucepan put the sugar with 200ml water and add the salt sachet lemon, boil  it for 10 minutes then add the concentrate tea, straining previously, add the  lemon peel and leave  it on high heat until it is reduced by half. Then it is bottled in bottles and we’ll keep it this way  for the  days when we want to cool with a  healthy drink flavored. Acacia syrup is used in hot summer days with cold water and ice, like a lemonade.

Acacia flowers are indicated in digestive diseases:

• reflux esophagitis;

• gastritis;

• gastric or duodenal ulcer;

• Irritable bowel;


In treating pain and heartburn and gastric hyperacidity, acacia flowers can be used both fresh and powdered or  like a tea or a syrup. It is best to use them in the morning on an empty stomach.This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

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