Healthy drinks. Apple syrup.

Healthy drinks. Apple syrup.


Apple syrup

Apple syrup  Ingredients:

3 kg apples, 3 l water, 1 kg sugar (or honey)

Method  of preparation:

Peel the  apples, cut  them into thin slices and place them in a saucepan with water on high heat until they ‘ll be soft. Strain the liquid  through a cloth thick, add 1 kg of sugar ( or honey) and boil it until the syrup begins to thicken, taking care to remove the foam. Allow the syrup to cool and then put  it in small jars, well covered with cellophane and allow it  to be cooked (like stewed) for 15 minutes.  Then  keep it in a cool and dry place.

Benefits of apples:

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease .A recent study on mice show that apple juice may ward off Alzheimer’s disease and can combat brain aging.

In apple syrup  are contained numerous ingredients that improve health, such as vitamin C, which helps the body fight  with a variety of unhealthy factors, the most important being scurvy. Also, some studies have shown that vitamin C can help fight colds.

Apple syrup contains a significant amount of iron and most of the ingredients that your body needs daily, while having a low-calorie.

The apple syrup is rich in pectin, the substance that purifies the body of toxins. This substance has been known to have substantially positive effects on the lungs, helping people with respiratory problems, even smokers.

It may be useful against: anemia, stomach disorders, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, etc. It can help prevent kidney and liver disease, chronic colitis and formation of uric acid in the body. Apple juice removes heavy metals and radionuclides  in the body. It can also be helpful in treating dysentery, acute respiratory diseases and laryngitis. It contains elements that help for strengthen bones, which makes it extremely useful for women and children. This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Apple syrup? An excellent anti-oxidant :

Apple syrup is considered a very good anti-oxidant and is used by the body to treat and prevent disease.

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