Healthy drinks. Black cherry syrup.

Healthy drinks. Black cherry syrup.

Black cherry

Black cherry

Black cherry syrup.


500 g black cherries

500 ml water

750 g sugar

1 sachet vanilla sugar

juice from one lemon

Method of preparation of Black cherry syrup:

Black cherry syrup is delicious and very healthy. To make this recipe syrup wash first  very well  all cherries, then remove the  kernels and  break  the stems. Place  them in a bowl and cover with a quarter-pound of sugar. Leave it in the fridge overnight to let the juice.

The next day sneak cherries through a fine sieve or a gauze.  Put the water  with the remaining  sugar  to boil and till the sugar has melted add the resulting syrup from cherries. Now you can add vanilla. Allow it to boil until the composition become  slightly thickened. Before taking off the heat, add lemon juice and let it to a boil. After we closed  the fire and the syrup was  cooled , strain  it again through a fine sieve, put  it into bottles, seal it well and then cover it with some blankets. Let it this way, about 24 hour, after which you can put it in the pantry or in a cool place. This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Serving mode :

The black cherry syrup is served with mineral water or simple water.

Health benefits of cherries:

Depending on their kind, the cherries have therapeutic effects quite different. For example,  yellow cherries or with a lighter color have a strong diuretic effect, favoring particularly the mobilization and removal of toxins from the body, they help and stimulate digestion. Dark cherries , red or black ones are most commonly used because they are considered  to have more complex action with powerful antioxidant effects – an  effective  and unexpected drug against  degenerative diseases, heart disease, the vascular diseases and they are good  against certain forms of cancer. Bitter  cherries are the most cherished by therapists because they are excellent for treating muscle pain, premature aging, inflammatory conditions, liver disease, benign or malignant tumors.

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