Healthy drinks. Elderflower drink.

Healthy drinks. Elderflower drink.

Elderflower drinks

Elderflower drinks


What you need to prepare an Elderflower drink:

Ingredients: 10-12 large Elderflower (you can add more if you like a concentrated juice), 1 kg of sugar (can substitute with honey) 2-3 large lemons, 8 grams fresh yeast, 8 liters of cold water. You also need a jar of 10 liters.

How to prepare it:

Wash elderflower and put them on the bottom of the jar. Add sugar and lemon juice, plus lemon peel cutting slices (or you can put lemon peel). Then put water enough to cover it and let it soak until the next day.

The next day fill the jar with cold water, stir, add the yeast (which help digestion), cover with gauze and let it for 2 or 3 days in a warm and sunny place (depends on how hot it is in storage place).

Each day mix the liquid in the jar, on the morning and in the evening. To make sure everything goes well, taste the mixture to know when it is ready. When you reached the desired acidity, strain the liquid, put it in a bottle and store in refrigerator. Elderflower drink is served cold.

Health benefits:

A cure of 2 weeks, with 1 liter Elderflower drink daily has remarkable effects in people with nervous exhaustion and fatigue.This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

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