Healthy drinks. Syrup of pine nuts.

Healthy drinks. Syrup of pine nuts.

Pine.Red cone.

Pine.Red cone.


Ingredients for syrup of pine nuts :

500 gr young pine tree buds the size of 3-5 cm, sugar, water

Preparation of the pine nuts syrup:

Take the pine tree buds and leave them over the night in a bowl of cold water. In the morning take them out and wash them with water to remove all impurities.
Take the washed pine tree  buds put them in a larger pot and pour cold water until they are covered, about 1500 ml.

Put the pot on fire, and once the water began to boil, cover and leave it for an hour to boil , then close  the fire. Strain the liquid and  remove the pine tree buds. Weigh the remaining liquid and mix it with identical amount of sugar ( or honey);  (for example: 1 liter liquid  / 1 kg of sugar ). Boil it until  the syrup achieved the necessary consistency .

Syrup is put hot in jars and then these jars are stapled. Move a few times the jars quickly with the lid down and back. The color of this syrup  should be reddish honey . This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

Health benefits:

It is good for asthma, chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, cough, colds, tonsillitis, flu, allergies.

The pine syrup can be used and by people who suffer from migraines , anemia or anorexia.

It is also effective for mouth disinfection.

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