Healthy drinks. Syrup of seabuckthorn.

Healthy drinks. Syrup of seabuckthorn.



Syrup of seabuckthorn :

Ingredients for cooking:

1/2 kg seabuckthorn

500 grams of natural honey

Method of preparation:

Clean  the seabuckthorn berries from the stems and wash them in some water then leave to drain. Then we’ll put  the seabuckthorn with honey in the blender jar. Be sure to change the metal knife  with plastic knife because the seabuckthorn oxidizes very easily. Mix them until you get a paste.

We put the paste through a sieve to separate the seeds and hulls  and so  just get syrup. If necessary you can put the paste through a gauze. We ‘ll obtain syrup bottles and we’ll let them soak. Keep the syrup in the refrigerator. It will be administered in the morning on an empty stomach.  With these quantities we obtained 600 ml syrup.

Health Benefits:

Seabuckthorn  is considered a good anti-inflammatory, healing, antibiotic, astringent, anticancer. It is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the liver, spleen and kidneys, it is an immunostimulant, protects the body from infection and respiratory problems that appear  frequently  when we have a  change from warm to cold season. According to experts, seabuckthorn is the only harmless  “drug”, which stimulates optimism and confidence.This recipe is not suitable for people with diabetes.

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