Heart disease.Coronary artery bypass surgery.

Heart disease.Coronary artery bypass surgery.


Coronary bypass

Coronary bypass

What is  coronary artery bypass surgery:

Coronary artery surgery  is a complex surgery, revascularization , used in patients with severe coronary artery disease. Depending on the severity of the blockage may occur chest pain, shortness of breath and even heart attack. Coronary artery bypass surgery is assigned to cardiothoracic surgery category and involves harvesting a vein or an artery from another part of the healthy  body and grafting to diseased artery by bypassing the blocked portion of the coronary artery. This way the rich blood oxygen can move to the heart muscle. Depending on the degree of damage of the coronary arteries , can be replaced up to four such arteries during the bypass operations. The patient will be asleep with general anesthesia.

Who is the  candidate for  coronary artery  surgery:

Although it is a disease that causes more personal inconvenience,  coronary artery  surgery can not be applied to all people. Often, an improvement in health status can be done by changing lifestyle, proper nutrition, drugs or a revascularization intervention called angioplasty. Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed only if the patient has a severe blockage in a large coronary artery which supply with blood an important area of the heart muscle. Coronary artery surgery is indicated even if the blockage can not be solved by  angioplasty.

Recovery after coronary artery bypass  surgery:

The complete recovery after coronary artery  surgery lasts up to 12 weeks or more and is a procedure that is performed only with the doctor’s indication and under medical supervision. However, the patient may experience some effects which they’ll vanish within 4-6 weeks after surgery. Physical activity is also very important in the recovery process and it will be tailored for each patient. Thus, after about 6 weeks the patient  underwent coronary artery bypass  surgery he can return to work, but he should not abuse. Preferably shortening the working hours and even work cessation if the service involves increased physical effort. After  care surgery involves a number of medical checkups to monitor heart activity. Among the most commonly used methods include EKG tests, stress tests.

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