How are used fat injections for buttock enhancement?

How are used fat injections for buttock enhancement?

Buttock enhancement

Buttock enhancement

Types of buttock enhancement:

For the enhancement of buttocks , many times it is used a gluteal implant, but this surgery is not without complications and an intramuscular implant placement can make recovery to be very uncomfortable. Because of this, there is an alternative treatment for the enhancement of buttocks and this can be done with fat injections or free fat grafting.

What is a buttock enhancement using fat injections?

The Brazilian butt lift and fat injections to the buttock are describing the same procedure. The success of a fat grafting depends on harvesting of viable cells and injection technique. Two of the most common areas the fat is harvested from are the abdomen and the back . Any liquefied fat is removed, being used only the solid fat.

The advantages of using fat injections for enhancement of buttocks are:

-the donor site will also benefit of enhancement ;

– it is used the patient’s body tissue;

– there is an easier recovery compared to buttock  implants;

– there is a low risk of blooding and infection

What are the risks for buttock enhancement  when are used fat injections?

You should know that no plastic surgeon will guarantee 100% how much fat will survive  and when decide to do this surgery by fat injections you must accept that the amount of fat will survive is unpredictable and it may require more than one injection session to obtain the best result. Also you need to know that the areas surrounding the buttocks have to be sculpted in such a way to enhance the buttock shape before the fat transfer. It should be performed hips ( outer and inner) liposuction. After surgery , sitting has to be monitored for a limited time.

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