How it is done the mustache transplant?

How it is done the mustache transplant?

Mustache transplant

Mustache transplant

Why mustache transplant:

A mustache transplant can help men because the custom of wearing a mustache is increasingly common in the West and in the Middle East. However, men carried always permanently a mustache. Also , for men who have a more youthful appearance, a  mustache is a way to make them  look more mature.

How is done mustache transplant:

The mustache transplant procedure (Facial hair transplantation) consist in follicular unit extraction, which involves removal of hair from areas of the body where the hair has growth (usually from the scalp, the neck or sideburns) and implantation of hair follicles among mustache hairs, which becomes this way voluminous. The surgeon will examine the area for which you would like the transplant, to determine the number of the transplants you will need, as well as he will takes you through the procedure itself with its benefits and limitations. The mustache transplant procedure will take in most cases just a few hours, using local anesthesia with prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Also, there are used grafts containing one and sometimes two hairs in order to achieve the most natural appearance, placed in the smallest possible incisions. The scar in the donor zone will be linear, approximately 1 millimeter wide and completely invisible as it will be covered by hair. Lasting 2 to 5 hours, a mustache transplant  is essentially painless, as it is the recovery period. For the first 5 days after a mustache transplant the transplanted area must be kept dry because there will be tiny crusts around each transplanted hair.  Most patients can resume their normal, active lifestyles within twenty four hours of the procedure being completed. During recovery, the scabs begin to heal after a week or ten days – without leaving scars. Transplanted hair mustache area cannot be distinguished from the existing natural area. The results look natural and they are permanent. The transplanted hairs fall out at around 2 weeks, then start to regrow at 3 months.

Mustache transplant side effects:

General risks in transplantation mustache are infections,  scar, numbness,  loss of sensation, the need for corrective surgery.

Mustache implants benefits:

The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure is painless and the micro-grafts are perfectly integrated into the receiver zone.

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