Laser therapy treatment advantages.

Laser therapy treatment advantages.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy


Laser therapy is the most recent leap that science has taken in the fight against cosmetic flaws e.g. acne scars, wrinkles, blemishes, cut skin tissue, blocked blood vessels, symptoms of aging and damage due to sun exposure. The idea behind this procedure is that a high intensity, focused beam of coherent light i.e. a laser be used to gently and precisely vaporize cosmetic flaws. This treatment has been the result of advances in laser technology that have given practitioners a level of precision and customization hitherto unseen. This selectiveness in delivery is just one of the many prominent laser therapy advantages over its competition. This very latest technique in laser therapy involves the production of a wide spectrum of light (in terms of wavelength) using computer controlled energy delivery parameters. Called Intense Pulse Light, the laser output from this technique can be customized to match the patient’s condition and skin type. Currently, it is used for treating benign brown and red lesions, removing unwanted hair and rejuvenating facial skin.

How it works:

Laser skin resurfacing is performed using a handheld instrument that resembles a wand. Unwanted skin cells / wrinkles are literally made to vanish in a misty puff, being replaced, in time, by new skin cells. After the procedure has been performed, the treated region is moistened using surgical bandages or ointments for some days. In order to protect the new skin, which is temporarily sensitive to sunlight, sunblock is used when stepping outdoors. After a fortnight, everything is back to normal.

Salient laser therapy advantages:

This in-office procedure has a number of benefits that include:

  • Removing symptoms of wear and tear from the face, caused by a number of factors:
  1.         Removal of wrinkles and fine lines from the face;
  2.         Tightening/smoothening of the eyelids’ skin;
  3.         Reducing crow’s feet around eyes;
  4.         Softening frown lines and pucker marks;
  5.         Removing irregularities in skin color such as splotches and brown spots;
  6.         Flattening/improving scars including those caused by acne;
  7.         Repairing smoker’s lines ;
  8.         Improving skin texture and tone;
  9.         Erasing spider veins;
  • This is an extremely safe procedure with virtually no permanent side effects:
  1.   It is bloodless in most cases i.e. the person who undergoes the treatment isn’t at a risk of being wounded;
  2.    There have been extremely low number of complications and risk of scarring is also minimal;
  3.    It is precise and can even be hooked to a robotic scanner to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury even further;
  • It can be used as a safer alternative to conventional cosmetic procedures such dermabrasion, as well as certain scalpel procedures, because of its exceptionally high precision.
  • It can be carried out in conjunction with various other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, chemical peels, and face/neck liposuction to create a comprehensive skin rejuvenation plan for optimum results.
  • It can be performed on outpatients to treat multiple skin conditions on the same day because of its safety and efficiency.
  • Hair removal is another treatment that utilizes laser therapy. The laser targets the hair follicle and stunts the growth of hairs. The results produced by the various types of laser hair removal are lasting and successful.

How to choose the right laser therapist:

Professionally certified dermatologists are the only people you should consider to perform laser therapy on your face because they usually have extensive expertise in laser treatment, and were the pioneers in employing lasers to tackle cosmetic complaints. Even inside the circle of dermatologists, go for those who have already demonstrated their skills in laser therapy by producing aesthetically appealing results on their previous patients since the procedure requires an artistic touch besides thorough expertise.


Laser therapy is no substitute for a facelift, but it is certainly a lot safer, and more reliable and effective than comparable skin procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels etc. One of the most notable laser therapy advantages is that it doesn’t require you to abandon your routine life – all you need to do is apply some good sunblock after the treatment and you’re all set to go about your business.

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