Laughter – the best medicine.

Laughter – the best medicine.



Laughter – the best medicine

Laughter lowers blood pressure and affects hormones that control  the appetite. Also  it helps to  increase good cholesterol, hormones playing   important roles in the immune system and mood.
Researchers scientifically demonstrated that a regular laughter  affect s good cholesterol (HDL). The investigators concluded that laughter reduces cardiovascular risks associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Laughter therapy:

It was published in the early 90s and was attributed to Dr. Madan Kataria originally  from India, who discovered the laughter therapy , latter  becoming known as “Laughter Yoga” and consists of practicing laughter in the group, with the purpose to help patients feel better and  relaxed. This unique therapy is fashionable in America but also in Europe  and  it helps to  release the stress fast. Laughter is a good treatment, beneficial for those who have suffered a stroke, the patients recovering faster due to lower blood pressure.


Laughter is a truly medicine for  body,  it stimulates the elimination of toxins, eases digestion and improves oxygen flow in the body.

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