Learn all about the Broadband Light phototherapy.

Learn all about the Broadband Light phototherapy.



Introduction :

Broadband Light therapy is a new cosmetic procedure that treats skin conditions caused by active lifestyles, sun damage and aging. BBL phototherapy allows cosmetic experts to visibly reduce age and sun spots, acne, small veins on the face, as well as several other skin related symptoms with precision. Broadband light phototherapy treatments, through the adjustment of wavelengths and filters, can be customized by your therapist to match your skin type in order to ensure optimum results, specifically for you.

How does it work?

BBL phototherapy works by delivering packets of light energy to the target site that cause the upper skin layers of that region to gently heat up. This absorbed thermal energy stimulates the affected skin cells to generate new collagen – a substance vital for the rejuvenation of your skin to its natural beauty. It will also restore your skin color back to its natural state and make your skin look more vibrant, smoother and youthful. Moreover, the heating effect caused by this light therapy will take care of the tiny blood vessels under your skin that are responsible for red spots, besides reducing the amount of excess melanin – a substance which causes pigmented lesions to occur.

Why opt for BBL therapy?

  • Broadband light therapy is known to be effective against pigmented lesions i.e. freckles and age spots; vascular lesions i.e. tiny blood vessels; acne; uneven skin texture; skin firmness and unwanted hair. This makes it a treatment for a diverse range of facial skin conditions.
  • It allows for customization and flexibility – you can consult with your cosmetic practitioner and come up with the number of phototherapy treatments that will be best for you. Moreover, the treatment can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, should you wish to augment it so.
  • The phototherapy procedure itself is quite gentle, safe and non-invasive. You don’t even need to apply any topical anesthetic in most cases. Compared to cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and botox it yields practical results without requiring your face to be cut/injected.
  • Another plus point for Broadband Light therapy is that it takes very little time. Typically, one session lasts from just a few minutes to a half hour – it depends on the size of the region being treated and the condition it is being treated for. Again, this makes light therapy an excellent alternative for those individuals who can’t fit time consuming, conventional cosmetic treatments into their busy schedules.
  • This procedure won’t take long to recover from. You can return to your routine activities almost as soon as you’re done – including work, makeup etc. One thing which you need to avoid is direct exposure to sunlight, because your skin will be sensitive to UV after the treatment. Which is why it is recommended to put on a good sunblock cream for at least two weeks after the treatment.
  • Broadband light therapy is not restricted to your face. It can be performed on the back of your hands, your chest, your shoulders and your neck too, should you feel that these regions are showing signs of sun damage or aging.


Temporary Effects:

Typical effects of broadband phototherapy include a slight redness in the treated area that vanishes in a few hours, as well as some darkening of the skin in case of pigmented lesions which fades and flakes later on.


For a low price,  Broadband light therapy is one of those phototherapy treatments which gives people the freedom to restore their youthful beauty without having to resort to aggressive, invasive techniques that can have adverse side effects and are also more expensive.

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