Medical tourism, destinations in the world.

Medical tourism, destinations in the world.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Romanian market for medical tourism services:

Romania medical tourism is attractive to foreign tourists, especially for people with incomes above average due to low costs, quality medical tourism; services provided in a short time, and sightseeing in the region they visit on this occasion . Patients could  pay a quarter of what they pay for these services in their country. Foreigners seek medical tourism and come annually for medical interventions, choosing medical tourism in Romania, especially for cosmetic surgery , plastic surgery and dental treatments. In addition, medical tourism in Romania is likely to increase in areas such as ophthalmology, cardiac surgery, orthopedic prostheses, in vitro fertilization.

Bulgarian market for medical tourism services:

Bulgaria is seen as a medical tourism destination with competitive prices of medical services. Bulgaria medical tourism has a developed network of dental clinics and cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery and  also has a long tradition in balneology and spa tourism and a relatively low cost of medical services. Other medical treatments successfully done in Bulgaria are : Ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetology, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, bone and joint diseases, assited reproduction physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Croatia market for medical tourism services:

Croatia medical tourism: the most important treatments that can be performed in Croatia, can include: dental treatment, orthopedic treatments, sports medicine treatment, gynecological treatments, rehabilitation, spa & wellness treatments, general surgery.  The wellness tourism has been developed in existing centers of health tourism together with the programs of rehabilitation and health maintenance in the mountain centers together with recreational programs.

Czech Republic market for medical tourism services:

Czech Republic medical tourism: a growing number of foreigners seeks medical tourism services for health care in the Czech Republic, especially for plastic surgery, dental treatments, surgical treatments for obesity, assisted reproduction treatments.

Estonia  market for medical tourism services:

Estonia medical tourism: medical facilities in Estonia offer a variety of medical treatments, the most popular being : dental treatments, plastic surgery and aesthetics treatments, wellness and spa treatments.

Estonia is recognized as a destination for wellness and spa treatments especially with different muds who have therapeutic qualities offered in its spa regions.

Hungary market for medical tourism services:

Hungary medical tourism: the most popular treatments and procedures among international patients who come in Hungary for treatment are: dentistry, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments , dermatology, anti-aging treatments , obesity treatments , addiction programs, eye surgery. Furthermore , the thermal water is used not only for treating various illnesses, but also is used as a key factor in rehabilitation.

Latvia market for medical tourism services:

Latvia medical tourism: Latvia is an inexpensive medical tourism destination  and  it has  attractive medical tourism services. Dental Treatments in Latvia are in high demand as well as other medical treatments that can be performed with success in this country. Popular products for medical tourism in Latvia are plastic surgery and dentistry. Also people used to come to Latvia for beauty and spa treatments.

Lithuania market for medical tourism services:

Lithuania medical tourism:  in Lithuania , patients are looking for extensive health check-up , second opinion consultation, health surgery, gynecology , orthopedic surgery,  delivery, rehabilitation and spa.

Poland market for medical tourism services:

Poland medical tourism: In Poland , specialized procedures like dental treatments, cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, joint replacement, fertility treatments and alternative treatments are very affordable compared with other countries and recovery can be done on five star centers , being the best way to recuperate after a surgery or dental treatment.

Slovakia market for medical tourism services:

Slovakia medical tourism: In Slovakia, medical treatments that can be performed successfully are dental treatment, plastic surgery, dermatological treatments. Slovakia has many hot springs, mineral water sources, spas and even a  geyser. These spa resorts also offer  many kind of massages and other restorative therapies accompanied by swimming and other recreational activities in a beautiful natural places.

Slovenia market for medical tourism services:

Slovenia medical tourism:  in Slovenia you can take advantage of low cost rates for cosmetic and plastic surgery, dentistry, weight loss treatment and infertility treatment.  Thermal and mineral waters are generously spread in this country and other important factors are sea water and salt water, organic and inorganic peloids ( or therapeutic mud).

Ukraine market for medical tourism services:

Ukraine medical tourism: In Ukraine , the foreign patients  appreciate the quality of dental services provided . Ukraine has highly qualified staff and the latest equipment in dental clinics. It is  also known that Ukraine has the latest developments for the cure of glaucoma, cataracts and high degrees of myopia.  Even plastic surgery can be done successfully in Ukraine.

Belgium market for medical tourism services:

Belgium medical tourism: In Belgium,  medical treatment  is very convenient especially for citizens from Uk who are looking for relatively minor cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery and treatments for obesity are extremely popular in Belgium. Also, hip and knee replacement has been performed with minimally invasive scopes. Foreign Patients who  come in Belgium also seek heart surgery, fertility treatment, caesarean surgery, dental treatments, kidney transplant.

France market for medical tourism services:

France medical tourism: for sure, France is a country to take in consideration for treatment because  it has excellent service and quality for  so many treatments available. Popular treatments done in France are: cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, obesity surgery, cancer treatment, dental surgery. Also spa resorts in France are extremely well known and appreciated by foreign tourists due to  their wellness resorts and spa  professionals , including physiotherapists.

Germany market for medical tourism services:

Germany medical tourism: foreign patients are seeking medical tourism services in Germany , because German clinics have internationally known doctors who offer a wealth of expertise. Popular treatments successfully done in German hospitals and clinics include : general surgery, hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, cellulite treatment, obesity surgery, reconstructive surgery.

Greece market for medical tourism services:

Greece medical tourism: popular medical treatments in Greece are: in vitro fertilization, dental treatments, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, eye surgery, orthopaedic  surgery and medical spa wellness treatments. Before, during or after a medical treatment , you can recuperate on a sandy beach, or you can enjoy spa treatments on thermal springs resorts in the country.

Italy market for medical tourism services:

Italy medical tourism: In Italy,  private hospitals and clinics give clients all the necessary comfort and foreign patients are looking especially for cosmetic  surgery and hair transplants. Italy is well known for its thermal spa tourism  in famous locations such as: Montecatini Terme,  Salsomaggiore Terme, Ischia, Fiuggi, Terme Euganee.

Portugal  market for medical tourismservices:

Portugal medical tourism: foreign patients will find out in Portugal units with hydrotherapeutic facilities , good plastic surgery clinics and dental clinics and also hospitals offer various important medical treatments and surgeries.

Spain  market for medical tourism services:

Spain medical tourism:  popular treatments in Spain are: cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, dentistry, eye surgery, elective surgery, medical spa and wellness treatments, coronary artery bypass.

Sweden market for medical tourism services:

Sweden medical tourism: the most popular treatments in Sweden are: orthopedics surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery. A medical tourist seeking planned medical treatment in Sweden will find out availability on medical services , quality and opportunity of combining holidays with a medical treatment.

UK market for medical tourism services:

UK medical tourism: popular treatments in UK are: spa, health and beauty treatments, wellness, anti-stress therapy , anti-obesity treatments. The largest number of medical tourists who come in UK for a medical treatment are from France, Ireland, US, Germany, Spain.

Turkey market for medical tourism services:

Turkey medical tourism: Popular treatments in Turkey are: organ transplantation, genetic testing, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, cardiology,orthopedics, plastic surgery,dentistry, spa and wellness treatments. Turkey is also rich in thermal springs and offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments and cures . These can be found almost at any location in Turkey making it one of the best medical tourism destination.

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