Medical tourism or medical travel in China.

Medical tourism or medical travel in China.

Medical tourism in China

Medical tourism in China

 China is a popular medical tourism destination because it has cost competitive prices for a wide range of treatments and surgeries. China has IIIA hospitals accredited by the Chinese Health ministry and provides quality surgical procedures. The Chinese doctors speak fluent English and the savings on medical bills ca be around  70 – 80% . Some leading Chinese hospitals provide medical treatment and they include also traditional Chinese medicine, reason why medical tourism in China is appreciated.

The number of medical tourists is rising in China year after year , especially for its affordable medical care  and high standards of healthcare technology , quality of services , low waiting time for medical procedures  and medical staff trained in U.S. or Europe.

China is a medical tourism destination globally competitive , many treatments and medical procedures  being performed in top hospitals , helping the patients seeking healthcare options in almost any specialty. Many of medical tourists who prefer China as medical tourism destination come from U.S., U.K, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Kazakhstan .

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