Medical tourism in India. Ellora caves.

Medical tourism in India. Ellora caves.

Ellora caves

Ellora caves

Medical tourism in India.Ellora caves. History and location.

Medical tourism in India. Ellora caves are temples carved in basalt rock  at Maharashtra, 30 km northwest of the city of Aurangabad, India. By visiting Ellora caves during your medical tourism in India  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

These temples date back from the  V- X  centuries and in 1983 were declared UNESCO  World Heritage. The temples are numbered from S-E and N-V. Between numbers 1-12 there are Buddhist temples dating back from 400-800 years and between 30-40 numbers we’ll  find the  Hindu temples dating back from  600-900 years. There is a group that belongs to Jain religion  dating back from  800-1000 years.
In this sacred maze carved in stone brought from Maharasthra there are the largest and most impressive temples of  the ancient India. Here is to be found side by side Hinduism, Buddhism and Jain religion, the three major religions of India.
The 34 caves at Ellora and the 29 caves at Ajanta complex waited more than one thousand years until they were rediscovered in 1819 by John Smith, a British officer  when he gone out to  a hunting of  tigers. He accidentally discovered the entrance to one of the temples of underground caves (cave no. 9).
Shortly after the discovery, the Ellora caves have earned a well deserved reputation.
Many experts who have studied Indian art and culture believe that the caves of Ellora represent the artistic peak reached by  Indian style of stone carving. All the sculptures of Buddhist caves managed to capture the grace, detachment, serenity and compassion inherent  to Buddha. There  is an  overwhelming  smoothness and precision in  details.
Also the Hindu  caves with the underground architecture are admired by thousands of tourists daily.
India is more than a place on the map, it is a fascinating land full of contradictions and surprises.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  India  by visiting Ellora caves during your holidays.

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