Medical tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Malaysia

Medical tourism in Malaysia is rising because Malaysia medical tourism has a lot of appeal as a medical tourism destination , international medical tourists are attracted by the Malaysia’s modern and high quality hospitals , skilled doctors trained in the U.S, U.K or Australia and by the important cost savings they can make on medical bills.

Hospitals in Malaysia provide a full range of healthcare services including cosmetic and plastic surgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, fertility treatments , eye surgery, dental care.

Medical staff in Malaysian hospitals speak fluent English and if the procedure requires you to remain more than a month in Malaysia you can easily obtain a six-month visa or a multiple visa. Many private facilities offer expertise in diverse medical fields , having internationally accreditation and they meet or even exceed U.S. standards.

Even till now about 50% of international medical travelers  who choose medical tourism in Malaysia come from Indonesia  and the other 50% is represented by Japan, U.K, China, Singapore , India, Hong Kong patients , medical tourism in Malaysia remains open and for other countries , especially for U.S. patients.

Being a natural paradise with hot springs and tropical jungles , if you choose medical tourism in Malaysia you can benefit of Chinese , Ayurvedic therapy and Malay treatments after your medical treatment or surgery in the hospital.

By choosing medical tourism in Malaysia , you can also have the opportunity to visit spectacular sites rich in cultural heritage and traditional architecture, natural and gorgeous beaches and old tropical rainforests.

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