Medical tourism in Romania. About Brasov city.

Medical tourism in Romania. About Brasov city.

Brasov city

Brasov city

Medical tourism in Romania, Brasov-History, location, population:

Located in southeastern Transylvania, Romania,  Brasov is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The climate is temperate continental . Brasov, is one of the economic and cultural centers of Transylvania. It was documented in 1234 in the catalog Ninivensis named Corona and in the second half of the XIV century, it is confirmed as ecclesiastic and administrative center of Barsa (Corona, Kronstadt, Brasso).By visiting Brasov during your medical tourism in Romania  you will relax and you will have a wonderful holiday.

According to the latest census, has a population of 227,961 inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities in Romania.

Important monuments to visit in Brasov:

– Bastion (alley in Tampa); Graft Bastion (alley behind walls); Drapers’ Bastion (alley in Tampa); ; Honterus Library; Church of the Assumption; Paraschievi Mother Church (Groaveri); Black Church; Holy Trinity Orthodox Church; Roman Catholic Church Saints Peter and Paul; Holy Trinity Church in Schei (On Tocile); Church of St. Bartholomew; Church of Saint John (Franciscan); Church of St. Martin; Bunesti fortified church, fortified church in Cata, fortified church in Cristian, Felmer fortified church, fortified church Ghimbav, fortified church Homorod, Maierus fortified church, fortified church Prejmer, Roades fortified church, fortified church Rotbav, Sanpetru fortified church, fortified church Ungra, Viscri fortified church, Harman fortified Church, City Codlea. Fagaras Fortress, Fortress Feldioara ,Rasnov Fortress , Rupea Fortress.

Mountain excursions from Brasov:

Fagaras Mountains, with the highest peaks in Romania: Moldoveanu Peak (2543 m) and peak Nehoiu (2535 m) – Bucegi Mountains with spectacular wildlife and vegetation; Mount Tampa, Mount Postavaru is not just the best ski destination in Romania, with the resort Poiana Brasov, but also a place to study various plants and wild animals like bears and deer. Mountains Piatra Craiului  National Park, a 25-km away from Brasov were declared a nature reserve.

Nature reserves to visit:

Basalt columns Racos, Dumbrăvita Fishery Complex, Castle Hill – Lempes, Grove Vad (Glade daffodils), fossil Carhaga Location, Location fossil Purcareni, Harman Swamp, Mount Postavaru, Mount Tampa, Bucegi Mountains National Park, Cave Bear Dens.

Enjoy  medical tourism in  Romania  by visiting  Brasov during your holidays.

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