Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Algeria.

Medical tourism in Romania & medical tourism in Algeria.

Medical tourism in Romania, in Algeria

Medical tourism in Romania, in Algeria

Medical tourism in Romania:

The concept of medical tourism is relatively new on the Romanian market and requires treating foreign patients with various conditions in private practices or hospitals in Romania. Patients with various disorders  come from any corner of the world to be treated in Romania,  and prefer to choose medical services at the same level or even with a  higher quality but at a lower rate than in their country. In addition to this advantage, the patient benefits of tourism services at attractive prices. The areas most  required by potential customers for medical tourism are: dentistry, aesthetic surgery, fertility treatments, ophthalmology,  the treatment of obesity, and  spa tourism.  However, Romania is one of the preferred countries regarding dental tourism , some clinics are equipped with the latest technology and tariffs (prices) are much lower than countries in Western Europe and the US.

Medical tourism in Algeria:

Being one of the cheapest medical tourism destinations, you’ll find out in Algeria good conditions for treatment and relaxation. Today, Algeria is a modern country with medical facilities that offer cosmetic surgery treatments, dental care, ivf treatments, hair transplant, orthopedics surgeries. Medical tourism in Algeria caters medical travelers mainly from Western Europe and Asia. Even it has low prices for medical tourism, you will not sacrifice quality over price because doctors in Algeria are qualified and experienced. Many foreign health travelers are looking for medical holidays in  North Africa  and Algeria is one of the countries that provides highly attractive offers.

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