Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Armenia.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Armenia.

Medical tourism in Armenia

Medical tourism in Armenia

Medical tourism in Romania:

   Dental treatment abroad is an increasingly popular practice , because in the last years the dental tourism has shown a steady growth. There are many tourists who choose now Romania for dental care and  there is an exponential growth  in this country due to the fact that dentists in Romania charge less for their dental treatment offering  to  patients the chance to regain a flawless smile, perfect teeth and to spend a few days of vacation in beautiful places .

    On average, the  dental care in Romania can save the 60% to 70% compared to the rates charged in other countries in the European Union. The dental care  provided by the Romanian dentists is equally safe and professional as in the Western Europe or in the United States.

    Many of  the dentists in Romania have graduated and have earned specializations in the major universities of Europe. As a proof of the quality and affordability of the dental treatment in Romania , there is a great  number of online testimonials that attest the seriousness and professionalism of the dentists specialists in Romania, and thus the convenience of the dental tourism in this country.

Medical tourism in Armenia:

   Medical tourism in Armenia offers interesting options for plastic surgery and dental care. The Armenian doctors can also successfully do more complex operations such as cardiac surgery. The biggest attraction for travelers in the medical tourism field is the price, which is more convenient, because many times the costs for a surgical intervention in Eurasia can provide cost savings up to 70% , in comparison with the prices in Western Europe or in the United States.

   In the latest years, Armenia has achieved a lot,   by improving its attractiveness through the development of various types of tourism, such as winter sports tourism, medical tourism, the events tourism . Also,  the flow of tourists in Armenia is increasing thanks to the exhibitions, festivals and events.

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