Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Austria.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Austria.

Medical tourism in Austria

Medical tourism in Austria

Medical tourism in Romania:

 Many Balkan countries rely on medical tourism, especially for its most sought form , namely dental  tourism, and Romania begins to be increasingly known. Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary are investing in modern clinics to attract Western travelers seeking medical treatments not covered by insurance in their country. The number of medical tourists who  come in Romania are especially German, Italian, Israeli and British and the number of travelers could double in the next years due to the quality of services and excellent prices they find here.

 Because a third of spa resources of Europe are in Romania, the health tourism and in particular the spa tourism can be a golden mine that Romania needs to capitalize to  its entire potential. Foreign medical tourists are attracted more and more by the natural and therapeutic factors with many health valences they can find in this country.

Medical tourism in Austria:

 Medical tourism in Austria, across European countries, occupies a leading position in terms of organization of improving the rest and regarding the characteristics of the infrastructure of the health resort. The treatment in this country, in addition to the traditional medical intervention/ therapy , also provides a mild climate and a  healthy mountain air. Each year, over 30 million people visit Austria, and one in sixth of all tourists come for the health improvement in local hospitals and sanatoriums. The country attracts travelers with its temperate climate, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and the traditional hospitality of the people. All this creates ideal conditions not only for recreation, but also for the complete rehabilitation of the body. Austria is rightly proud of an impressive track record when it comes to medical discoveries and inventions. It is not surprising that it was Austria, which for centuries has accumulated experience in the field of medicine,  becoming today a leader in the healthcare industry in the world.

 When you decide to travel for healthcare  and need to know what medical tourism country offers you want, you have to know that in Austria are successfully  treated musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory tract, joints, cardiovascular system, eyes, urological and gynecological ailments, lesions of the skin, the peripheral blood circulation, metabolism, pathology, cancer .

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