Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Barbados.

Medical tourism in Romania & Medical tourism in Barbados.

Medical tourism in Barbados

Medical tourism in Barbados

Medical tourism in Romania:

  Regarding medical tourism in Romania, this country begins to establish itself everywhere  through the quality, professionalism and his medical training. The fact that Romania is today appreciated worldwide for its exceptional physicians is not to be neglected when talking about country’s medical tourism  brand. The value of the Romanian school of medicine, frequented by countless foreign students, and the value of prestigious physicians  such as  Ana Aslan who treated state presidents, members of Royal families and international celebrities, imposed Romania’s medicine landscape in the world.

 Today, increasingly more foreigners come to consider the Romanian medical clinics, especially in the dental care, possessing an endowment at the highest level and exceptional dentists and medical staff. Furthermore, Romania offers medical care  intelligently combined with tourism  to ensure the full success of its medical tourism industry.

Medical tourism in Barbados:

   Barbados is becoming a very popular destination for medical tourism, and it is recognized for having the most modern medical facilities in the Eastern Caribbean, including a dialysis center and facilities for open heart surgery. Barbados is a country with a splendid nature,  especially with its beaches as the main attraction. However, with the delicate economic  current situation being experienced today, along with new types of tourism that are emerging around the world, it is not surprising that there are a huge number of travelers arriving for other purposes to this part of the world. This applies, for example, to medical tourism, which is growing rapidly in Barbados in recent years, in part because it is a nation with a spectacular coverage for most of its citizens and its visitors , from infrastructure and medical facilities, dialysis centers, etc.

Also, what happen  is that Barbados has some of the best facilities around the Caribbean in this regard, above all with regard to procedures  such as heart surgery.

In Barbados you will also benefit from different types of cosmetic surgery on your medical tourism trip. Some of them (the most performed) are: liposuction, breast augmentation, facelift and rhinoplasty. All in the hands of excellent professional doctors and nurses.

The services of medical tourism in Barbados can be purchased at very attractive costs if full payment in advance is entered.

Furthermore, some of the hospitals in Barbados which promote this type of tourism, have created special internal spaces for patients staying there, as in the case of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who has six hundred beds and Bayview Hospital, Sandy Clinic Crest in St. James and many others that gradually they  adapted to the idea of a complete medical tourism services in Barbados.

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